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11 FAQ When Import China Toys From Toy Factory And Toy Supplier

As a major exporter of toys, China has always been known for its high quality and low price toys, with a wide variety of toys. Therefore, many toy wholesalers in the world focus on China for imported toys. Every year, tens of thousands of toys are exported from China and flow to all corners of the world through Chinese toy suppliers. However, many toy importers still have little idea about how to import toys from China. They don’t even know how to start the business with toy suppliers from China.

This article will tell you some FAQs when import China toys from toy factories and toy suppliers. If you are interested in it, welcome to continue to read next, and this article will list 14 FAQ for you~

Why Need to Import Toys From China Toy Supplier?

Well, as the first question of this article, it deserves a good discussion. In order to have the best answer, we would say that there are many reasons why China can be the best country to outsource wholesale toys, or why China toy suppliers can be the best one to cooperate with.

First of all, China is the world’s largest exporter of toys, no one. Basically all toy importing countries, either toy retailers and wholesalers, outsource toys from Chinese toy suppliers. Secondly, in the Chinese toy market, you can find any toy you want, and you can also customize unique toys according to your different needs. Finally, compared to other global toy markets, China’s toys are very affordable and relatively cheap, and they are known around the world for their high quality and low price.

If you want to know more about China toys and toy suppliers, you can click here.

What Are Top 7 Wholesale Toys Markets in China?

Generally speaking, to say the most famous toy wholesale market in China, the following 7 places can be said to be on the list. They are:

1、Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market

2、Shantou Toys Wholesale Market

3、Lingyi Yongxing China Wholesale Toys Market

4、Yangjiang Wutinglong International Toys & Gift City

5、Baigou Plush Toys Wholesale Market

6、Yunhe Wooden Toys Market

7、Guangzhou Toys Wholesale Market

And this article will focus more on the Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market.

As we all know, Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market is one of the largest toy wholesale markets in China. You can find any kind of toy you want in it, whether it’s a plush, electric, or other type of toys. There are countless toy suppliers in Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market, who have first-hand toy resources. Whether you want to buy toys wholesale or retail individually, you can cooperate with toy suppliers here.

Which Are The Most Popular Chinese Toys?

You might be wondering what are the most popular toys in China so far. Here, we have listed the most popular toys in China so far for your reference.

1、Plush Toy


3、Build & Construction Toys

4、Educational Toys

5、Craft & Art Toys

6、Sport Toys

7、Remote Control Toys

At the same time, we also have compiled a list of the most popular toys.

Cosmic Rocket Water Bubble Toys

Lollipops Beauty Make Up Toys Set

Sand Beach Toy Set

Where Can Find The Best Toys Suppliers in China?

If you are looking to find by far the best toy supplier in China, the location of the factory is a key determinant of what type of toys you can find in the area. In China, there are thousands of toy suppliers. This can leave you wondering who to choose as your partner. You can find some quality toy suppliers in the following locations.


For those who are looking forward to import toys wholesale from China, Yiwu is their paradise. Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market is currently the largest toy wholesale market in China. As mentioned above, you can find any toy you want here. This is not bragging.

In Yiwu, there are more than 3,000 toy booths. It covers everything from plush toys, toddler toys, inflatable toys, remote control toys, ordinary toys, etc. Therefore, if you are anxiously looking for a toy wholesaler, Yiwu Toy Market is undoubtedly the best choice.

2、Chenghai District, Shantou City

It is said that Chenghai District in Shantou City, Guangdong Province is the toy capital of China. You can find any good quality and low cost toys. Here you can buy electronic toys, dress up toys, educational toys, plastic toys, baby toys and more.


While you can find the biggest toy suppliers in Chenghai and Yiwu, Yangzhou also has a lot of Chinese toy suppliers, and that’s because almost all stuffed toys in China are made in Qingdao.
So if you want to import toys from China, especially plush toys, trust me, Yangzhou is the best choice.

Who Are The Famous Toy Suppliers in China?

Sellers Union

The company is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, and is one of the well-known toy suppliers in China. The company has a large luxury toy showroom, and it cooperates with many toy factories in China.

Woodfield Toys Co., ltd.

The factory is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Mainland China. The company was established in 2009 and is one of the leading manufacturers of well-known soft toys and activity toys in China.

Dongguan Changan Rongqi Toys Factory

Win trade (Rongqi Toys Factory) is one of the leading plastic toy manufacturers in China. It mainly deals in plastic toys, such as rubber ducks, baby plastic toys, plastic animal toys, etc. The EU and the US are huge markets for them. At the same time, this toy supplier has obtained ISO certificates for products such as EN71, ROHS, CE, ASTM, etc.

And there are also many toy suppliers in China, welcome to visit them.

How to Find The Best Toy Suppliers?

Online Website

Alibaba is the best platform to use when looking for toy suppliers in China. There you will find hundreds of toy suppliers, and you can find one that offers you a great deal but is within the range of market prices.

Toy Fairs

Going to a toy fair in China will be another great way for you to find toy suppliers. Because there are many high-quality toy suppliers who will appear at major toy exhibitions in China, it can be said that as long as you participate in the toy exhibition, you will be one step closer to success.

How to Pay Toy Suppliers in China?

In general, it is possible that you do not live in China. But you might be wondering what the safest way to pay toy suppliers is. The good news is that all Chinese manufacturers and suppliers accept multiple payment methods.

Payment can be made before or even after the toy has been shipped before the toy manufacturing begins or in the middle or at the end of the process, according to the terms and conditions agreed between the toy manufacturer and the toy importer. All of these setting rules vary by manufacturer, and it all depends on your agreement with the manufacturer.

Here are some payment methods accepted by Chinese toy manufacturers:

1、Sending money directly to the manufacturer via international transfer is an option

2、Open a local Chinese bank account in a local Chinese bank.

3、Pay through Alibaba Trade Assurance or Alipay

4、Use a toy purchasing agent

5、Western Union


Is There A MOQ?

Many toy importers often wonder if there is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) when importing toys from China.

The minimum order quantity is the minimum quantity of a certain number of toys or products that a manufacturer or supplier is willing to sell, and the importer must meet the minimum requirement that the supplier can supply or engage in production.

The MOQ may be 300 pcs, 500 pcs, 1000 pcs, etc. Therefore, when looking for a manufacturer or supplier, you need to check their MOQ, because each toy supplier or manufacturer in China has its own unique policy terms.

Does China Have A Product Return Policy?

You may be wondering if Chinese toy suppliers offer product return policies. Yes, they do offer a product return policy, however, it may all depend on your arrangements with the supplier. Always check the terms and conditions there before you place an order, before you sign documents and send money, because that’s where the product return policy is and you should read it.

How Much Tariff Have to Pay to Import Toys from China?

Toys imported from China are usually subject to tariffs on these toys, but nothing is out of your control compared to other products. Import duty on toys imported from China does incur about 9%-13% VAT, which in most cases is not high compared to other products.

What Documents Need to Provide?

Importing toys from China requires compliance just like any other product, and each country has its own compliance requirements. To import toys from China, you need various documents. You can visit this website for reference.

In the End

Well, here are all the full content of 11 FAQ When Import China Toys From Toy Factory And Toy Supplier. If you still have any questions about importing toys from China, please contact us at

Have a nice day~

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