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White Cotton Teepee Toy Tent Manufacturer

Description:Kids Polka dots Teepee Tent with throw pillow
Product size:120*120*160cm
Material:175g polyester cotton+Poplar+plastic connector
Package: Color Box
Qty Per Carton: 6PCS
Age:2 to 8 years

OEM & ODM:Whether you prefer our designs or to make your own, we value your design and preferences and will utilize our expertise to meet your requirements.


White Cotton Teepee Toy Tent Manufacturer and Supplier

Stable & Comfortable Teepee

The professional toy tent manufacturer guarantees the safety of the product 100%.Our Indian children’s tent is made of 100% cotton canvas. The wooden pole is made of natural New Zealand pine, which is smooth, firm and safe, free of paint and chemicals.

Worth Accessories You Can Get

Include a teepee with window & inner pocket and its assembly accessories (8 pine poles with 4 connectors), mat and friendly customer service always online.We are toy tent manufacturer and supplier.After-sales service will make you 100% satisfied

Perfect Teepee for girls/boys

This kids teepee is designed with plain, more decorative and dirt resistant than a white teepee. Pain is unique and better for girls/boys, would make a ideal gift for son/daughter and grandson/granddaughter !


Every child loves their very own teepee kids play tent. They can read books, act out the stories in their imagination, and play alone. We added a window for good air circulation, two pockets for placing things and the flap door can close with string. Our teepee for kids can be set up either indoor or outdoor. Kids can enjoy the feeling of privacy and personal space, while parents can monitor them. Perfect toys for 3 4 5 year old girls/boys.


Professional toy tent manufacturers will make your products more professional.With Heavier canvas for better texture and Thicker solid pine poles, our tent is made to last long and sturdier than any others.  Only use the 100% Natural Cotton Canvas without chemical painted and twice polished poles to make a premium tent for kids.

Comfortable and Convenience

Professional toy tent manufacturers will make your products more professional.Our teepee is come with a PADDED & NON-SLIP MAT, providing kids a more COMFORTABLE place to play, read, and take a snap. You will find the teepee is EASIER to ASSEMBLE and FOLD with our Integral sleeve and Two-stage wood pole, while also made the poles more solid and less plastic connectors. These unique designs made our teepee the most comfortable and easy to use.Toy tent manufacturers have carefully designed accessories

Stable & Comfortable Teepee

The professional toy tent manufacturer guarantees the safety of the product 100%.Made of durable 100% natural cotton canvas material and come with non-slip mat to provide kids more comfortable place to play, read, and take a snap. This kids tent is easy to assemble and has instruction paper that came with the package. If put together properly, it’s pretty stable.

Happy Childhood Memories

Witness the priceless expression on your child or grandchild’s face when they open their very own kids’ teepee tent. If you’re looking for the ultimate toys for girls/boys, this teepee canvas tent will win their hearts and creative attention for years of playtime. Highly suggest letting your kids personalize their teepee with water- or oil-based or acrylic paint, stickers, or light strands.

Errymaking recretion

We stand are so certain your child will happily spend hours in their own tent. And this will become the favorite toy of boys/girls. We are passionate about providing safe, teepees to the kids everywhere so they can run with their imagination in their own special space.
Assemble and Portable: An inner pocket lets kids store beloved dolls, books and snacks. It’s easy to assemble if you follow the packaged instructions. And this canvas teepee can be conveniently assembled by an adult alone. Or you can have fun installing the kids toys tent with your kids. Best gifts for your little boys or girls!

Beautiful decorations

The exquisite Pure white design is not only suitable for children’s room decoration, but also a favorite ornament in your home.

100% Satisfaction

This is not camping gear but a wonderful little house for your kid’s Childhood, for they can play with their friends in this play house.We are toy tent manufacturer and supplier.After-sales service will make you 100% satisfied

Toy Tent Manufacturer

Toy Tent ManufacturerToy Tent Manufacturer Toy Tent Manufacturer

Q1:How many child could fit inside?
Two maybe three toddlers. Two small children.
Q2:What will you do if there is a problem after I receive goods?
We can provide a timely after-sale service. We have several services like sales returns, barter, product recall program, and product liability insurance and so on.

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