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Top 5 Recommended Toy Trade Fairs

As China is known worldwide as a major toy exporter, its toy trade fairs are also widely followed. Every year, many exhibitions, large and small, are held throughout China, including many large toy trade fairs.Attending toy trade fairs allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the toy industry first-hand, to meet toy traders face-to-face and is the most direct way to reach customers.Next, I’ll guide you through the top 5 toy trade fairs in China.

1.China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

The Canton Fair, known as the China Import and Export Fair, which is held twice a year in spring and autumn respectively, has been by far the largest, oldest, most comprehensive and world-renowned international trade event in China.

Founded in 1957, after more than 60 years of innovative development, the Canton Fair has become the largest and most reputable platform for the promotion of international trade in China.

As a result of the effects of the new crown epidemic, the Canton Fair has also continued to explore new modes of opening up. The 132nd Canton Fair 2022 takes place online, offering you the opportunity to attend the most prestigious and influential Chinese trade fair from the comfort of your sofa.

In continuation of past practice, the fair will be divided into an Export and Import Fair, with the Export Fair being divided into 16 different categories of goods with a total of 50 exhibition areas.Of these, the Toy Trade Fairs is the category we focus on the most. 

This is the first time in human history that an online trade fair of this magnitude has been held. But many new changes have also emerged.

Toy Trade Fair

1.1New changes at the 132nd Canton Fair

With the theme of promoting “double-circulation” between domestic and overseas markets, this year’s Canton Fair provides an online exhibition platform, business matching services and a cross-border e-commerce zone. The official website features exhibitors and products, VR exhibition hall, live exhibitors, news and events, services and support.

The national pavilion includes 50 zones in 16 product categories, and the international pavilion has 6 themes in the corresponding zones. Cross-border e-commerce pilot zones and some cross-border e-commerce platforms will also be exhibited simultaneously. In addition to the original 25,000 physical exhibition enterprises, all eligible enterprises that pass the audit can exhibit at the Canton Fair, and the scale of participation continues to expand.

The National Pavilion has 34,744 exhibitors, an increase of 40% over the previous year. The International Pavilion attracted 416 exhibitors from 34 countries and regions. To reduce the burden on enterprises, the 132nd Canton Fair continued to exempt exhibitors and cross-border e-commerce platforms from participation fees. Improving the quality of exhibitors.

The 132nd Canton Fair has gathered a large number of high-quality enterprises with both strength and characteristics, including 2,094 brand-name enterprises and more than 3,700 enterprises with the titles of national high-tech enterprises, Chinese long-established brands, national enterprise technology centres and high-tech enterprises. The International Pavilion will also have a large number of outstanding enterprises exhibiting.

Exhibitors are actively uploading their products. 3.06 million exhibits have been uploaded since 15 September, a new record high; among them, more than 130,000 intelligent products, more than 500,000 green and low-carbon products, and more than 260,000 products with independent intellectual property rights.

With the goal of improving the trade matching effect and user experience, the 132nd Canton Fair has optimized the functions of its official website.

1.2Preparations for the 23rd Canton Fair are still actively underway

As policies and the epidemic situation continue to change, the Canton Fair model is evolving to better suit the new situation. April 2023 will be the first time since the end of the epidemic that Canton Fair will be launched, and this time the scale will be even bigger than ever.

The Spring Canton Fair will be held in three phases.

The first phase 15-19 April Heavy Industry

The second phase 23-27 April for light consumer goods

The third phase 1 May – 5 May Textiles & Garments and Medical & Health Care

The Toy Fair is also a category that is very close to our hearts and it will be held in the second phase. Many domestic and international manufacturers will gather at this year’s Canton Fair for the Toy Fair, which will also see the first peak of participation since the emergence of the epidemic in 19 years. Please check the official Canton Fair website for more information.

2.China Yiwu International Small Commodities (Standard) Fair

Toy Trade Fair

China Yiwu International Commodity Fair (Yiwu Fair), as the most influential and effective trade fair for daily consumer goods in China, has been held since 1995. Zhejiang Province, the State Standardization Administration Committee and other relevant departments.

Yiwu Fair is one of the largest, most influential and most effective commodity fairs in China. It has been awarded as the “Best Managed Exhibition in China”, “Best Achievement Exhibition”, “Top Ten Exhibitions in China”, “Best Exhibition Sponsored by the Government “and one of the “Most Influential Brand Exhibitions”.

  The 29th Yiwu Fair will be held from 21 to 24 October 2023 at Yiwu International Expo Centre in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, with a total of 3,600 international standard booths. During the same period, a Sino-foreign sourcing fair and other related economic and trade activities will also be held.

Date: 10.21-24

Venue: Yiwu International Expo Centre

Exhibition area: 100,000m2

International standard booths: 3,600

Quality Exhibitors: 2,300

Professional visitors: 57,900

The Toy Trade Fair is located in Area A2 on the show floor and will be attended by hundreds of well-known Chinese toy traders. Yiwu’s miniature goods are widely sold both at home and abroad, and if you spot an interesting toy on Tik Tok or Face book, no surprises, it’s made in Yiwu, China.

 At the Yiwu Toy Trade Fair, you can see a wide range of toy products and learn about the latest industry trends. Trust me, you’ll make the trip worthwhile.


Toy Trade Fair

The China Cultural Products Fair (CSF Culture Fair) is organised by Gobay Exhibition (Shanghai) Co Ltd and supported by the China Association of Department Stores and Commerce.

As the leading trade platform for cultural and office supplies in the Asia-Pacific region, the CSF has been an evergreen event since 1953.

After years of development, CSF Culture Fair has become a major annual gathering of new products, designs, channels and ideas for the culture and office supplies industry, and an important window for global culture and office supplies companies to enter the Chinese market.

In 2023, the CSF Culture Fair will be celebrating its 70th anniversary, and we will continue to innovate while maintaining the traditional strengths of the CSF Culture Fair.

The 117th CSF Culture Fair 2023 will reach a new record size with 80,500 sqm of exhibition space, attracting more than 1,000 exhibitors and 45,000 professional visitors.

The range of items on display is also extensive, covering office supplies, stationery and gifts, toys, cultural and creative products as well as other products. The show is also a major attraction for those who follow the toy trade fair.

The CSF Culture Fair will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2023 and the 117th CSF Culture Fair will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 30 May to 1 June 2023.

4.Asia Outdoor Expo

Asia Outdoor was founded in 2006 by Nanjing Aoyuan International Exhibition Co Ltd, Beijing German Exhibition Consulting Co Ltd and Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH, the first professional trade show for the outdoor industry in history was born.

As a large toy category, outdoor toys are also worthy of our attention at toy trade fairs.

After 14 years of development, Asia Outdoor still maintains its position as the largest trade show for the outdoor industry and is the only UFI-accredited trade show for the outdoor industry in China. The show has been awarded the “2009 China Exhibition Industry Golden Finger Award* Top 10 Government-led Exhibitions”, “2010 China Top 10 Exhibition Projects”, “2011-2014 Nanjing Outstanding Exhibition “, “Nanjing Excellent Exhibition” and many other awards.

There you will find numerous suppliers of outdoor products, outdoor clubs and so on people interested in outdoor sports products. If you are also inclined towards outdoor products, or if your products are mainly outdoor toys, then you should definitely keep an eye on it.

Toy Trade Fair

China National Convention Center, 7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Exhibition area: 60,000 sqm

Number of exhibitors: 300+

Number of visitors: 20,000+

Featured Products:

Clothing, shoes, backpacks, fabrics, water supplies, camping tent accessories, mountain skiing, caravans, bikes, media, clubs, etc.

The latest news on the 2023 Outdoor Toy Trade Fair has yet to be announced, but with the major toy trade fairs well underway, I’m sure we’ll be hearing good news about it soon too.

5.China Toy Expo

Toy Trade Fair

5.1Introduction to the Toy Trade Fair

China Toy Fair (CTE) is organized by the China Toy and Baby Products Association and has been held annually since 2002. CKE China Baby Products, CLE China Licensing and CPE China Early Childhood Education are held at the same time, with an exhibition area of 220,000 sqm.

As the largest toy trade fair in Asia, the show covers the entire industry chain of 17 major categories of toys as well as raw materials, packaging equipment, technical services and design services, making it the only choice for many international brands to enter the Chinese market.

It is highly recognize by the local governments and associations of 20 major production regions in China, including Dongguan, Chenghai, Yunhe, Ningbo and Qingdao. High-quality, export-oriented leading companies and factories from the producing regions The show is the only one of its kind in China.

Each year, over 2,000 exhibitors bring their new world premiere products to the show, attracting over 90,000 professional buyers from over 130 international and regional locations worldwide, making CTE the show of choice to highlight brands, select new products and gain insight into trends.

        Time: 17-19 October 2023

        Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

        Size: 230,000 sqm

        Exhibitors: 2,500+

        Brands: 5,000+

5.2Advantages of participating in this toy trade fair

1. Join the CSI Certified Supplier System to access global business opportunities

In the face of the complex and changing foreign trade situation, combined with the pain points of cooperation between export-oriented enterprises and international buyers, China Toy and Baby Products Association actively plays the role of a national industry association and launched the new “Certified Supplier System” in 2020.

By comprehensively collecting and verifying the product safety test reports and various certification certificates required by export destinations, and presenting them together with the latest product information of enterprises, the system helps international buyers with different purchasing needs to quickly understand the products and qualifications of enterprises, effectively promoting mutual trust and cooperation between the two sides.

2. Join the Brand Self-Discipline China Campaign to create a quality experience with good products

The Brand Self-Discipline China Campaign is a year-round quality survey conducted by the CFPA as an authoritative non-profit third party on brands that have made “safety commitments” and have the ability to fulfil them, while the selected brands declare themselves. This enhances consumers’ confidence in purchasing, highlights the differentiation from other products, promotes product sales and enhances brand image and awareness.

3. Trend release, push the new, set the industry development weathervane

China Play Association promotes enterprises to issue new and push new products at the conference, so that many channels can see the next year’s product innovation trends and evaluate the sales potential, which greatly enhances enterprises’ new products

A comprehensive assessment of market sales potential, as an important reference basis for guiding production, sales and marketing strategies, thus helping enterprises’ new products to rapidly occupy the market.

4. Diversified and multi-channel media publicity, leading the industry trend in the era of big data

Through its own media (magazines, websites, WeChat) and cooperative media (various industry media, mass media, new media, a total of nearly 300 media resources), the China Play Association provides key exhibitors with product promotion services for the industry market and consumers, through hundreds of thousands of channels of data marketing, to achieve the maximum exposure of enterprise media.

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