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8 Reasons, Why You Can Not Find Cheapest Price Manufacturer( China Toy Factory)?

China is the world’s largest toy producer and exporter, and 70% of toys on the global market are produced in China. Because there are lots of toys factory in China, in most cases, even if you have a large number of orders, it still cannot get the cheapest price from the Chinese toy factory/manufacturer …

Everyone hopes that they can get the best offer from Real China toys factory(not trading companies or middlemen), and get high-quality goods and cheap prices. But after searching for suppliers in Alibaba, or when you come to China to participate in the China Expo like the Canton Fair, you have received a lot of offers from a lot of suppliers, and the result may still not be satisfied with you.

Below I summarize the eight reasons why they can’t find a real toys factory in China:

Case 1: You can’t find the real toys factory at all

1. There is no website or Alibaba account in the real toys factory

To establish/keep your own website/Alibaba account requires a lot of experience and time. Most factories would rather spend more time and energy on their production lines instead of marketing. So you can’t find them on the Internet at all.

There are few toys factory in China focusing on online marketing, so it is difficult to find them from the previous 10 search results, and you must turn over a lot of pages to see some legal Chinese toys factory. And he may not be suitable for you.

2. Can’t speak English

To purchase in China, language and cultural differences may be the most obvious challenge you will face. Due to the differences in language, culture, and business practice, this may lead to different differences and communication between you and your supplier. If it is not resolved, it may cause a lot of trouble.

Some manufacturers are 30-50 years old. In their generation, English education has not yet been popularized. The reason hindered them to communicate with customers who speak English. For some small toys factory, they are not equipped with specialized business personnel to communicate with foreign customers. They usually prefer to get orders from trading companies or market wholesalers, because it is more convenient for them. And it is difficult for you to connect directly with them.

3. Talent resources shortage

It is not easy for an ordinary factory to hire an excellent marketer to make you find their factory. (At this time, China’s average marketing management level is still lower than Western countries.)

4. Where is China’s factory?

Usually every city has its main production industry. China is a big export country in China, and the toy industry has a strong agglomeration effect.

For example, Chenghai Toys Wholesale Market, Shantou Chenghai has continuously maintained its leading position in the field of high -end toys with its strong toy development capabilities. It has a wealth of production chains and focuses on: electric toys, remote control toys, plastic toys, smart toys, alloy toys. Here, there are thousands of toy factories in large and small, which is undoubtedly a great difficulty to find a factory that suits you.

TOP 10 toys factory city for your reference.

5. People Recommend People is easier to find the final Chinese factory.

What can you do when you plan to search for real manufacturers?

I think 95% of people can only use the Alibaba to search for keywords, participate in exhibitions, or visit Chinese wholesale markets such as Yiwu market or Shantou toy exhibition hall.

However, the answer is still not good enough, and there is still no suitable Chinese factory.

In China, the most reliable way is to recommend people. As long as you can find the right person, he can directly find you to find the right manufacturer.

Case 2: You can finally find the right manufacturer with your best, but you are still dissatisfied with their offer.

6. Cultural differences lead to difficulty in communication.

Chinese thinking vs European thinking?

Sometimes you ask the factory, “Why is the price so higher than before?”

Their possible answers were “because the factory was too busy this time.” When you get this answer, you will say “What!?” And don’t understand at all.

In fact, what the factory wants to express, this time the factory is too busy, so if you arrange your order to hire more temporary workers, and temporary workers usually need more labor costs, and the cost increases, so the final price will rise. But the factory does not know that some methods may change some methods to make products (such as changing product molds) or tell you when they can give cheaper prices.

7. You are the new customer of the factory.

Chinese factories will trust Chinese buyers more, just like people in your country will find it as safe as those in your country. Determine your payment, quality requirements … Factory prefers to deal with Chinese companies. So the price they give you will be higher, reducing some risks in some way.

8. Maybe you are good at product marketing and sales, but you must not know how product manufacturing works.

This will make it difficult to negotiate with the factory to be unreasonable. You may not know if each factory can reduce costs through certain methods.

The following tips may be helpful to you

Do some research on urban information, production process details, and industrial information. If you don’t know before, it is really time -consuming and energetic.

Other choice

If you lack the essentials of toy supply and procurement, or if you feel trouble, you can cooperate with some Chinese purchasing companies or procurement offices to help you find the best toy manufacturers.

General procurement companies or procurement offices have the ability to procurely procurement and identifying suppliers, which can help you find the best toy manufacturers and provide you with the best services. Through they can save a lot of time for you during the purchase process, and most of the time they can help you get better prices.

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