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Toys Manufacturers In China-The Amazing Complete Guide

China is a big country in toy production, with a large number of toys manufacturers, and it is the main concentration of toy production in the world. China is the world’s largest exporter of toys. Since the reform and opening up, the export has been showing a trend of rapid development. The products are exported to countries and regions around the world. Most of the toys sold in developed countries and regions such as the European Union and the United States are produced in China.

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Why are toys manufacturers in China important?

China has become the world’s largest toy manufacturing country and occupies a pivotal position in the world toy market. China’s toy industry cluster is obvious, and the toy production and export bases are concentrated in “five provinces and one city”, namely Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Shanghai and other provinces and cities. These regions are also the main export areas of China’s toys. The total output is 6.7209 million tons, and the total domestic demand is 3.4844 million tons. It is expected that in 2022, China’s toy production and demand will reach 7.3534 million tons and 3.7064 million tons respectively.

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What kind of types of toys you can choose from toys manufacturers in China?

There are a wide variety of toys to choose from toys manufacturers in China. According to the main materials, toys can be divided into metal toys, plastic toys, paper toys, plush toys, cloth toys, wooden toys, bamboo toys, etc. Safety and environmental protection standards for toys It is mainly formulated according to the characteristics of different materials.

According to the user’s age, toys can be divided into baby toys, baby toys, toddler toys, children’s toys and adult toys, etc. Different ages have different preferences for toys. According to the main functions, toys can be divided into educational toys, sports toys, science and education toys, decorative toys, etc. The higher and higher requirements for the functions of toys have become the constant trend of the development of toys. Attention, parents pay more attention to their educational functions when buying toys for children.

Four advantages of China’s toys manufacturers

1. Strong industrial chain support:

The strongest part of China’s toys manufacturers industry lies not only in the low production price, but also in the super-strong upstream and downstream supply chain network. The person in charge of an industrial parts company in the United States said that China’s industrial chain is very mature. From raw materials to accessories to finished products, it can provide one-stop supply, and does not need to be transnational. Moreover, China’s land, sea, and air transportation are very developed, and China’s policy is very stable. This kind of advantage cannot be established in other countries and regions in a considerable period of time.

Steve Pasherb, president and CEO of the American Toy Association, said: “U.S. toymakers are highly dependent on their Chinese partners, and about 85 percent of toys in the U.S. market are produced in China. Although Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia also have some toy production capacity, but many of these components are still ‘Made in China’, and China’s important position in the global toy supply chain cannot be shaken in the short term.”

2. The quality of labor is high, and the production efficiency is unmatched:

Although labor costs have increased in recent years, it is clear that China’s advantage in labor costs has been maintained for a long time. China’s industrial workers have extremely high labor productivity, hard-working and disciplined characteristics that are unmatched by other countries. China still has 200 million to 250 million rural people to be transferred, a large part of which must be transferred to manufacturing

The toy company has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for more than 30 years. About 90% of its production capacity is in China, and it has a deep cooperative relationship with Chinese manufacturers. Forman, the head of the company, said that China has a strong labor force and efficient productivity that many countries cannot match, which makes his business very dependent. This also expresses the aspirations of many European and American toy companies.

3. Advanced production technology of China’s toys manufacturers:

Last year, a large number of American businesses and entrepreneurs praised Chinese manufacturing and Chinese workers at a hearing held by the United States on tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese goods. In their opinion, almost all the best industrial workers in the world are in China. “Chinese workers work like artists.” “Chinese workers work diligently and are very intelligent. Many high-end products come from China, which other countries can’t produce at all.

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4. Scientific management, strict system of China’s toys manufacturers:

The production process management and control of Chinese toy toys manufacturers are step-by-step, and the regulations to ensure the safe production of enterprises are also constantly changing and improving. Operating procedures, protective measures, emergency plans, occupational disease inspections, etc., have formed an important daily safety system.

Where can I find high-quality sources of toys wholesale in China’s toys manufacturers?

Regarding the origin of toys, the following are the advantageous locations of each category for reference:

  • Plastic toys: Chenghai, Guangdong;
  • Barbie and doll: Jieyang, Guangdong;
  • Plush: Yangzhou, Jiangsu;
  • Teaching toys: Wenzhou, Zhejiang;
  • Wood: Zhejiang Yunhe;
  • Baby carriage: Pingxiang, Hebei, Pinghu, Zhejiang;
  • Small commodities: Zhejiang Jinhua (Yiwu);
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The way to get the contact information of the purchase channel:

  • Local self-media, post bars, industry associations;
  • Domestic toy exhibitions of China’s toys manufacturers(Shenzhen Exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition, etc.);
  • Cross-border e-commerce platforms (Alibaba, etc.);
  • Other network channels, such as LinkedIn, etc.

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