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How to Import China Toys? Top 7 Toys Wholesale Markets in China

Are you a new toys buyer or experienced buyer? Are you curious about where to find toys wholesale markets? Or are you curious about how to import Toys from toys market? When we mention about where to buy cheap and good quality toys, many buyers will immediately think of the toys wholesale markets from China. That means, if you want to buy cheap toys in bulk, the China Toy Wholesale Market is a good place to go. Because nearly 90% of the wholesale toys are manufactured in China, making it the largest industry in the wholesale toy section.

But most of them do not know how to import wholesale toys from China. If you search some information online of toys wholesale market, there are lots of valuable information you can find in this article. Also, this article will list top 7 toys wholesale markets in China. Let us begin it!

Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market

As one of the biggest toys wholesale markets, yiwu toys wholesale market is a famous wholesale toys market which located in Yiwu city, Zhejiang Province. This article will put more focus of the introduction here. From many foreign merchants’ perspective,it is said that yiwu toys wholesale market is familiar to them because of the cheap toys with relatively good quality.

And the International Trade City is one of the biggest place in yiwu toys wholesale market. The toy booth are displayed on the first floor. There are 4 major kinds of toys categories here: Regular Toys, Inflating Toys, Electric Toys and Fabric Plush Toys. What I want to tell you is that do not be restricted by the classification, and you can find any toys you want here. Instead, enjoy your yiwu toys wholesale market trip if you are a first visitor.

Toys Wholesale Markets

Besides, I’d like to tell you some basic information about yiwu toys suppliers. That is, you can see many different toys suppliers from all around China In yiwu toys wholesale market, To be honest, it is hard for a novice merchant to distinguish a trading company or a manufacturer. And you will be told that all of the toys booths have their own factories.

Here, I will give you the simplest method. All you need to know is that for small factory and manufacturer, they mainly focus on custom made orders and often get orders from trading companies. And the trading companies pay less cost because they do not have workers so they don’t need to pay labour fee. And brand manufacturers have a higher price because of the high development costs. But they often have powerful toys resources. You can choose what kind of manufactures to cooperate with based on your own desire,

For most instances, the MOQ is 1 CTN per style for toys in stock. Otherwise, the MOQ is determined by its value. And If you want to offer free shipping (to Yiwu warehouse) it usually requires the supplier to provide a total of 5-10 CTNs.

There is also one point that you should remember in mind. Yiwu toys wholesale market opens from 8 am to 5.30 pm. And you can communicate with suppliers all times except a 20 days holiday for Chinese Spring Festival from 9th, Feb to 20th, Feb.

Lastly, you can communicate with shipping agents in Changchun District, which is behind yiwu toys wholesale market. You also need an agent who specialized in your country because he or she is more professional and can provide a relatively good transportation price.

Shantou China Toys Market

Shantou Chenghai is one of the biggest plastic toys base city in toys wholesale markets. Here, 8,000 plastic toy suppliers have come together. The price here will be slightly higher than the Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market, because the quality of the toys in Shantou is better. Therefore, the MOQ of toys will also be higher than other wholesale markets in China. Here, many toy buyers actually buy wholesale toys directly from the factory, eliminating the middleman (trader) to keep inventory. So the price of toys won’t be affected much by traders.

There are mainly 9 large toy markets in Shantou, which together form the famous toy exhibition hall in Shantou. And this article will mainly list several hall.

YS WIN-WIN Exhibition Hall. This showroom covers an area of more than 16,000 square meters, which has 3,000 suppliers and more than 1 million items. Here, you can choose from a variety of toys, such as branded items and special items. The toys in this exhibition hall have excellent quality and relatively affordable prices, and are deeply loved by European and American buyers. What’s more, there are some factories that provide 2-3 CTN/1 piece MOQ.

On Top Exhibition Hall. This showroom covers an area of 13,000 square meters, with 4,000+ regular toy booths and 4,500+ professional toy booths. It provides 4,000+ factory support and has 4,000+ enterprise factory support. Since 2015, this showroom has been providing high quality and professional customer service. The staff are very good at helping you find what you are looking for. The only thing you need to do is provide a photo for them to refer to. The toy category here will be helpful for European, American and Japanese buyers who want to build their own toy brand.


Hoton Exhibition Hall. Hoton is the first showroom in Shantou Toy Market, which opened in 2003. The goal of this showroom is to help buyers get toy information in one place, saving time and streamlining business operations. The exhibition area of this showroom is 15,000 square meters. Here you can find all kinds of toys: plush toys, clothing, wooden toys, plush toys, and more to meet your toy sourcing needs. Also, suppliers in this showroom update product information very quickly, so your market will see the latest designs.

FX Toys Showroom. There are about 200 large toy factories on display at the FX Toys Showroom. There are thousands of quality baby toys, transformers, girl dolls and outdoor sports toys as well as kitchen pretend toys. Typically, FX toy showrooms have dedicated factory sales staff. When you visit the showroom, if you have some toy details (such as size, material, color, etc.) that need to be confirmed with the factory, they can reply immediately.

Seeing this, you may have questions: how does the price here compare to Alibaba. To be honest, you will see Shantou toys on Alibaba, if the supplier is an Alibaba trader, they usually add 10-20% to the factory cost. But in this market, you only pay a low commission of 5%, while your sourcing agent will help you get better and cheaper prices. If you have a large order, a purchasing agent can help you connect with the toy manufacturer. You have to remember that the larger the order size you place, the lower the price you can get.

Lingyi Yongxing China Toys Market

As one of the biggest toys wholesale markets, Lingyi Yongxing China Market is also famous. In China, if the largest toy market is in South China, namely Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market, then in North China, the largest toy market is Lingyi. Shockingly, there are more than 100 toy markets in this toy market. It includes two markets, large and small, the largest of which is the “Yongxing Toy Market”. 4,000 wholesale toy suppliers are located in areas A, B and C.
Area A – electronic toys, children’s bicycles, inflatable toys; Area B – plastic toys; Area C – plush toys (plush toys)

Compared with the Yiwu toy market, the annual output value of the Lingyi toy market (including sales to mainland China) is higher than the following Yiwu toy market. The advantage of the market is that it has bigger scale, which means there are more suppliers. And the MOQ for toy products is 1 CTN per order,so suppliers are always full of stock.

Yangjiang Wutinglong International Toys & Gift City

As one of the biggest toys wholesale markets, the most popular toys in Yangjiang Wutinglong international toys & gift city toy market are plush or stuffed toys. Therefore, this is the best place for buyers who like plush toys. The building of the toy wholesale market covers an area of 180,000 square meters and houses more than 2,500 shops. Also shocking is that they only sell plush toys, plush materials and plush gifts.

The MOQ of Yangjiang wutinglong international toys & gift city here is zero, which means it’s not a problem if you just want to buy one toy. Of course, if that’s the case, your purchase price will be a bit higher than the wholesale price.

Baigou Plush Toys Wholesale Market

As one of the most popular toys wholesale markets in China, Baigou Market is also a wholesale market for plush toys. If you are looking for a lower quality place than Yangjiang Wutinglong International Market, this is the place for you. The plush toys sold in this market are of high quality and low price, and are more cost-effective.

The market covers an area of 20,000 square meters. Here, a total of 380 suppliers are willing to sell plush toys of high quality and low price. If you are very patient, you can easily find some good quality plush toys. The daily trading volume on this market is approximately $130,000. It’s worth mentioning that wholesale toys are usually sold here, but retail here is also accepted.

Yunhe Wooden Toys Market

Yunhe Town is located in Zhejiang Province, known as the “Hometown of Wooden Toys in China”. The reason why it can be listed in one of the biggest toys wholesale markets is that Yunhe Town is famous of wooden toys. The team in this market deals with forest resources because 80% of toys are made of wood. It is worth noting that Yunhe Town is not a market, it is a city itself. There are many shops and sellers gathered here. This market is also not directly composed of shops or sellers, many factories are also gathered here. The products here will be exported to Yiwu Toy Market and other parts of the city.

Guangzhou Toys Wholesale Market

The vast majority of Guangzhou is known to most people because of the popular exposition “Canton Fair” held in Guangzhou. People are often confused where to find the Guangzhou Toy Wholesale Market. In fact, Guangzhou toy wholesale market is not limited to one market. There are almost four major toy wholesale markets here.

Guangzhou Wanling Plaza. The square has a total of 41 floors and a business area of about 40,000 square meters. It is mainly engaged in the wholesale of toys and accessories.

Address: NO.39 Jiefang Nan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Guangzhou International Yide Stationery & Toys Plaza. The total construction of this area is 25,000 square meters, with more than 1,200 shops. It is the largest German international toy stationery boutique stationery square in South China, and the place where the management level of the toy stationery wholesale market has been improved the most. The plate is divided into four main businesses: toys, stationery and gifts.

Address: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, No. 390, Yi Desi road

Guangzhou Zhonggang Boutique Toys Wholesales Market. Many famous toy boutique wholesale toys gather in this place. And the annual sales of this market exceed several billion yuan. The main products are toys and stationery industries.

Address: No.399 Yide Xi Road Yuexiu District Guangzhou

Liwan Toys Wholesale Market. Liwan Toy Wholesale Market is located in Guangdong Province. The first segment has the scale and characteristics of a professional toy wholesale market and has been operating for more than 7 years. The total market area is 2,000 square meters, with more than 80 shops.

Address: No.38 Shiluji, Zhongshanba Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

In The End

That’s all the following for this article of how to import China toys-top 7 toys wholesale markets in China. If you have any questions while browsing this article, or have a greater interest in the toys wholesale markets, welcome to visit our website We are a wholesale toys supplier specializing in many kinds of toys.

Wish you all well~

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