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6 Ways to Find Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer for Your Small Retail Business

As a small retail business, you usually need a small amount of products to begin selling. But it is unnecessary to make your own products. So, if you want to sell play tent in your business, the wholesale play tent manufacturer can be your best choice. Though some constraints such as MOQ(Minimum Order Quantities), limited budgets and storage area will make it difficult to find a suitable wholesaler in a short time, there are always solutions solving your problem. Here are 6 ways that help you know how to find a right wholesale play tent manufacturer based on your research and information.

Find Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer Contact Info from Online Directories

How to find business wholesalers in US? There are many online directories that can find wholesale suppliers of all types of products, including wholesale play tents.  A good online directory can help you find suppliers and related information. 

You can find wholesale play tent manufacturer on these websites:

(1) Faire: Net 60 terms (you have 60 days to pay for your items) on a marketplace with 30,000 independent retailers.

(2) Handshake: Wholesale marketplace powered by Shopify. Free shipping on opening orders, low or no minimum orders, and join for free.

(3) Tundra: A wholesale marketplace. Seamless purchasing and shipment tracking, and you don’t have to pay commissions on.

(4) Worldwide brands: US dropshippers and light bulk wholesalers pre-verified.

(5) Alibaba: It is beginner-friendly website with abundant series of products.

(6) Union Vision: Customized small business wholesale toys manufacturer. Help small business retailers source, manufacture, inspect or ship the product from China.

wholesale play tent manufacturer
Play Tents of Union Vision

Attend Toy Fairs Locally And Internationally

A great way to spot potential wholesale play tent manufacturer is to attend toy fairs. Manufacturers and wholesalers display their latest products at various toy fairs. Retailers can establish a list of wholesalers by contacting manufacturers or distributors directly. This is great for novice retailers, as toy fair attendees often offer special deals.

If you are considering importing products for retail, you may wish to attend trade shows overseas. Instead of waiting weeks for samples, you can communicate in person and touch the product you’re interested in.

The following websites have toy fair schedules:

(1) China Toy Expo

(2) New York Toy Fair

(3) London Toy Fair

(4) Nuremberg International Toy Fair, Germany

On the trade show websites listed below, you can search for a toy fair overview by using parameters such as date, city, state or country, and event name.

(5) Trade Shows News Network

(6) Trade Fair Dates

wholesale play tent manufacturer
London Toy Fair

Make Sure You’re Reading the Toy Publications

Read all toy magazines and newsletters aimed at retailers. Every advertiser in these magazines could be a distributor or manufacturer. The ads on the back of the magazines should give you many choices. Trade publications, on the other hand, often include ads with up-to-date contact info for retailers like you to get. Besides, reading toy magazines or news helps you know the trend in this business. You would be more familiar with what is happening.

Take a look at these toy publications.

(1) The Toy Book

(2) ToyNews

(3) Toy World Magazine

wholesale play tent manufacturer
Toy World Magazine

Go to Google

Look for wholesale suppliers in your search terms. See what catches your eye. Some wholesale manufacturer do not update their websites frequently, so you need to dig deeper when go to google. You may find a great wholesale play tent manufacturer on page 2, page 3, or even page 50 of Google.

By adding your location when searching, you’ll find local play tent wholesalers.

wholesale play tent manufacturer
Searching Results of Google

Check Out the Customs Database

Most companies that import or export goods to a country (with the exception of a few) will leave written records. A sea container is a type of container that carries goods from wholesale play tent manufacturer for domestic and foreign trade. All of these items inside the container must pass through customs inspection before crossing into one country. During this process, the information of each item is carefully maintained in the customs database.
For example, by using the US Supplier Database tool, you can quickly view shipments imported into the U.S. from all companies.


(2) American Association of Exporters and Importers

(3) Panjiva

wholesale play tent manufacturer
Shipments Report from Panjiva

Make Use of Your Local Business Network for Reference

If you have any friends or partners that also do the toy business, you could ask for them for help. Maybe they have the contact information of wholesale play tent manufacturers. Besides, getting to know other business owners is of great importance. If you get along with them well, then they may be glad to recommend some wholesalers to you. And you will get a list of wholesale play tent manufacturer.

Here are some local professional networks helpful to you.

(1) Chamber of commerce

(2) Manufacturer associations

(3) Business cooperatives

Knowing more wholesalers by recommendation is absolutely a shortcut for the small retail business.

Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer
Business Cooperatives

Tips for Choosing a Suitable Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer

Now that a small retail business don’t need to storage a large amount of products, you should pay attention to MOQ, quality control, samples availability.

(1) MOQ: You could place an order with a MOQ. And those wholesalers that allow lower MOQ is more preferred. In this case, you won’t have the budget and storage constraints.

(2) Quality control: The quality control is the most important for production. Otherwise, your clients may complain and your word of mouth will slip. So you could contact inspection agency to check the quality of your product. Telling them when to go to the factory and what to check, then they will send the inspection report to you.

(3) Sample Availability: Getting a sample enables you to examine the quality, size, material, etc of the product in person. You can place sample orders to the wholesale play tent manufacturers without meeting their MOQ.

The End

Knowing how to find wholesale play tent manufacturer is the first step to a successful retail business. It takes a fair amount of time to understand where your business is in the industry supply chain, but the lessons learned along the way will help you navigate retail effectively.

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