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10 Top New Wholesale Educational Toys for Toddlers and Kids

With the age of age, wholesale educational toys are becoming more and more important, with 4-6 puzzle toys on average 10-20 toys per child. Children’s puzzle toy market has great potential. Because this kind of toy not only brings fun to children, but more importantly, their educational functions.

So what kind of wholesale educational toys are more popular? Here I will show you 10 new wholesale educational toys that are most suitable for toddlers and kids

The advantage of wholesale educational toys

1. Stimulate the development of sensory ability

Everyone knows that children’s toys are a window for babies to contact the world. wholesale educational toys are the same as all toys. They can encourage children to use sensory to contact the world, such as stimulating their vision, hearing, and touch, helping them to cooperate with various sensory senses in their bodies. Related, to contact and cognition of novelty.

Some will make a strong sound, and some are designed with bright colors and smooth lines. These can directly bring children to the child’s audiovisual sensation. Different wholesale educational toys are effective tools for assisting children to know the world.

2. Language training

When the child is playing, he will talk to the toys from time to time and “speak” with the toys. Don’t underestimate this communication mode, it gives children the opportunity to express meaning in language. At this time, if you can participate in it as a parent, you can play with your children, not only can it cause him to speak more, but you can also guide him to use his words and expression skills to strengthen his ability to master language.

3.vent their emotions

Did you find that your child is frustrated and angry, and you will fall, slap or scold the toys. This is the manifestation of the child’s dissatisfaction. In the real world, children cannot vent their emotions casually, so wholesale educational toys become substitutes. Like adults, children need channels to vent their emotions. Otherwise, depression will form a psychological disease of depression, which will affect the child’s health.

4.coordinate body function

Children’s hands and feet are coordinated, hands -and -eye coordination and other physical functions need to be trained and gradually established. wholesale educational toys are one of the best training tools. For example, the child built a box of building blocks out of graphics. In addition to using the mind, it also needs to cooperate with hand function. Therefore, toys are of great benefit to the development of children’s muscle activity and physical function.

10 new Wholesale Educational Toys

1. Balanced puzzle -children’s wholesale education toys

Children’s wholesale educational toys designed for children and additional designs, they will fall in love with these cute little animals at first glance. This is very helpful for the basic mathematical skills of the professor, and encourages children to make progress in mathematics in a multi -level exciting mathematical game.

In addition to learning mathematical skills, balance puzzles can also improve memory, play interactive games, develop fine action skills, and stimulate imagination. Creative and colorful and colorful design attracted children’s attention, allowing them to play within a few hours! In addition, this is a good toy that can improve parent -child interaction.

Balance puzzles to create a perfect learning toy for your children, get this, and make a smile on their faces. Suitable for the perfect birthday/resurrection/Thanksgiving/Christmas gift for school girls and boys over 3 years old, it is also a useful teaching tool for mothers, dads or teachers.

2. Painting House Toys

The house made from high -quality wooden boards is cut in machinery. It is easy to remove the fragments with your fingers. The materials in the kit are environmentally friendly without burrs. DIY houses will provide everything that boys and girls are busy with exciting DIY handicrafts. Professional decoration and completion of your handicrafts, suitable for children’s learning and development imagination with th ewholesale educational toys.

Easy to assemble, it can fight and paint with your children, family, friends, and lover, and experience the fun of DIY. It is an excellent gift for birthday, party, fun after school, summer projects and holidays.

3. Magnetic Book

By playing this wholesale educational toys, you can help your children improve flexibility, hand -eye coordination ability, and visual discern — visual discerning power can help children see the subtle difference between objects or pictures and check whether it matches. This visual perception skill can be described as “focusing on details”, while practicing fine sports skills to improve daily tasks such as zipper, laces and opening doors.

Easy to clean and store: All illustrations are equipped with magnetic sheets, which can be placed in a “book” -shaped travel storage box. Store neatly on the bookshelf or easily stored in the travel bag. Very suitable for car travel and aircraft.

4. Magnetic block

It has high quality and non -toxic characteristics. Each building block is made of high standards, non -toxic, and lead -free materials to ensure children’s safety. Bring your fun and excitement to your family in the next few years.

Magnetic block toys aims to improve your children’s science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills. By challenging them to build their own cars, animals, robots, and anything they can imagine, children’s imagination and creativity! Our educational blocks grow with your children!

Encourage your children to learn in the game: designed to help your children develop the ability to coordinate hand -eye coordination, master fine exercise skills, improve logical thinking ability, and improve the important ability to solve problems. It is an ultimate toy that promotes the importance of teamwork and collaboration, cultivates social skills, supports creativity, and improves imagination through interactive games.

5. Geometric toys -children’s wholesale education toys

Through toys, children can obtain practical experience that creates a composite shape, identifying shape attributes, and dividing circles and squares into equal parts

6. Bubble building block toys

Learning skills: stack, matching shape, sorting color and size. Cultivate children’s fine movements, eyes and hand coordination ability, and ability to solve problems. Your baby can challenge yourself and build the effect of the icon, right and wrong

Sophisticated production: They are made of thick hard plastic, so it is easy to clean and not break. Your baby and a toddler can play for many years.

7. Water painting pad

Larger drawing area: the overall size is large enough to allow parents and children to spend painting time with their children

No mixed design -made from non -toxic and soft materials, children can enjoy safely. The front of the cushion is a soft sperm raincoat fabric, and the back is waterproof nylon material. Don’t worry about getting wet or messing up. Let your children draw freely, get rid of the troubles of color pencils and crayons on the wall or furniture on the wall or furniture

This water painting pad is an excellent puzzle toy suitable for young children. They can spend a few hours to draw anything they like without wasting paper and pencils. The cushion is decorated with colorful letters and cartoon animals, which aims to stimulate imagination and creativity, so that children of any age can improve their painting ability and color identification ability.

8. Children’s learning table

Children’s magnetic drawing table (young children learn toys), bring lights to better protect children’s eyes, 4 legs increase some height

Easy to draw and erase: Draw it with handwriting pen, then slide the knob over to erase and re -perform

Portable design, there are four legs at the table, which can be easily connected and disassembled, so that children can easily carry the drawing board with them.

Exquisite gifts: Drawing board is a perfect gift for birthday, festivals and other special occasions. It is suitable for children and children who are 3 years old and above.

9. Magic scraping paper

The exquisite and interesting gifts suitable for all age groups will focus on creative ideas, so that this art crafts will become the fun, pleasant, pleasant, pleasant, and friendly by boys, women, men, teenagers, children, artists, colleagues and friends Educational gifts; use it to draw small pictures or take notes, which is more interesting than ordinary convenience stickers.

The wonderful introduction of scratch art, our magic draft paper set contains everything you need from beginning to end; it can help you start new creative activities and make the impressive art; frosted black The surface was scratched, revealing the beautiful rainbow background below.

Support your child’s artistic creativity. This interesting and innovative magic draft paper suit will help enhance your child’s self -confidence and train hands -on skills and development intelligence. This is an excellent event for children and adults. ; Children will use this pleasant handicraft for several hours. In addition, they will provide them with more attractive choices and let them enjoy the fun without screens.

It is easy to use. You only need to use the bamboo touch pen to use it lightly. Children can display many colors and patterns under matte coating; easy to use, you only need to explore this new art form from scratch!

A variety of uses, magic draft paper suits are very suitable for children’s art and handicrafts, providing children with a variety of play, party, craft projects, camps, family entertainment days, art classes, school projects and classroom activities; you can also use this Multiple items in the kit make notes, cards, sketches, thanksgiving cards, Christmas blessings, or “I love you” notes, as a unique office memorandum, and so on.

10. Painting toys

This magnetic painting board is designed with 4 bright colors (green, blue, yellow, and red) in 8 color areas, making your children painting colorful. Bright colors inspire their interest and curiosity. Children’s Wholesale Educational Toys provide spacious space, allowing your children to give full play to their imagination and creativity.

Through painting, writing, and playing games, children’s creativity and imagination are stimulated on the magnetic painting board. The painting board helps to exercise the child’s hand -eye coordination ability, perception ability and imagination.

High -quality and environmental protection, made of non -toxic and high -quality ABS plastic. Children’s magnetic writing board has smooth edges and soft curves, which can eliminate potential damage and ensure that you relax your body and mind when you are playing with your child.

Easy to draw and erase, the magnetic graffiti plate has sliding rubber rubbing, which can quickly and easily erase the drawing. Just pull the built-in smooth slide through the board to remove the surface, suitable for children aged 3-7 years old.

More Wholesale Educational Toys for your reference.

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