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How to Manufacture Kids Tents From Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer Well?

Kids Tent is a special place where you can create your own space. The Kids Tent is like a secret base for children. In addition, the kids tent has an educational effect, and you can practice spending time alone in your own place by devising it. Kids tents are a very effective item for sharpening children’s sensibilities. So how to satisfactorily manufacture kids tents from wholesale play tent manufacturer plays an important role.

Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer

How to choose a kids tent From Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer?

Number of children using the kids tent

Let’s change the size of the kids tent according to the number of children. If you have 2-3 children, you should choose a larger size. It can be a space to play with friends, or a space for parents and children to enjoy!

Designed for children with the Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer

Kids tents come in a variety of designs. Consider how you want your child to play, such as a jungle gym with playground equipment, a tent that can be connected to other tents, or a tent that adults can enter together.

Is it easy to fold?

When there are too many items in the room, or when the child grows up, there may be times when the kids tent needs to be temporarily stored. A non-folding tent can get in the way, so choose one that can be stored compactly. Also, it is convenient to choose a one-touch type so that it can be easily assembled when necessary.

Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer2

About Tent production process from the Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer

After confirming the order with the Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer , purchase the fabric and parts used for the tent. Printing on the fabric takes about a week for thermal transfer printing.

In the case of an original design, plate making is required, which takes about 15 to 20 days. Such as Cutting, sewing, assembly, packing, inspection. Therefore, if you want to make customized styles, it is more appropriate to contact with the Wholesale Play Tent Manufacture the merchant 1-2 months in advance.

Secondly, the MOQ of the Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer for customized styles may be limited, and it is best to consult in advance in this regard.

Tent Fabric of the Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer:

  • Polyester: Among them, 190T is the most commonly used material, 170T for thin, 210T for thick.
  • Non-woven fabric: spring cloth that is rarely used due to its low strength
  • Cotton: Cotton tents are often combined with wooden pipes.This is because plastic pipes are not strong enough.
  • Peach Skin: Polyester fabric with brushed surface. It’s a little expensive, but it doesn’t wrinkle easily

Pipe material: fiberglass, PVC, wooden pipe (poplar)

Cost order: PVC, glass fiber, wooden pipe (poplar).The thicker, the higher the unit price.etc…

Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer3

About the Print(silk print, heat transfer print, digital print)

  • Silk-screen printing: Simple lines and logos in one or two colors are printed with good printing technology, and there is not much color fading.For example, simple patterns such as animal eyes, mouths, and car tires can be realized by silk printing.
  • Thermal transfer printing: It’s a normal printing method, but if it’s a pattern with a lot of colors that you see often, it’s made by transfer printing. The original design costs a plate fee, and the plate fee depends on the width of the repeat pitch,$350/color up to 80cm-1m, $480/color over 1m.And CMYK printing realizes complex colors. Calculating the cost of thermal transfer printing is a bit tricky, but we won’t expand on that here, and will go into more detail in the actual quote.
  • Digital Printing: Digital printing is a method of printing similar to thermal transfer printing without the use of plates.If you need an original design(OEM) and are producing small quantities, digital printing is recommended.However, the unit price of one product is higher than that of a transfer print because the plate fee is not required.
Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer

In The End

That’s all the following for this article about How to Satisfactorily Manufacture Kids Tents From Wholesale Play Tent Manufacturer f. If you have any questions while browsing this article, or have a greater interest in the tent category, welcome to visit our website We are a wholesale kids tent supplier specializing in children’s tents and outdoor tents.

We have a professional design team, provide OEM design, and design different products every month. If you have some ideas, our team can help you make samples that meet your requirements. You can rest assured of our raw materials, we have strict requirements for product quality and inspection. All our tents for kids will be delivered to you safely in perfect boxes. We also support packaging customization. You can choose to give this wonderful gift on birthdays and other occasions.

Hopes you all well~

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