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Silicone Sucker Squid Pop Fidget Toys Manufacturer In China

Type:  Fidget Toy , Trending Toys
Color: Rainbow
Material : Silicone
Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 0.2 x 1.57 inches
Supply Ability: 100000 Pieces per Month

Masterful OEM & ODM  
Whether you prefer our designs or to make your own, we value your design and preferences and will utilize our expertise to meet your requirements.


2022 Tiktok Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys  Manufacturer In China

Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys

New version of the decompression octopus sucker toy, you can play with it anytime, anywhere, throw it, throw it, fold it, it can be adsorbed on any smooth surface, no need for you to pick up the item yourself, Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys help You can easily get it ! !

Friendly Material & Bright Colors

Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys is made of high-quality silicone material, allowing us to reuse, which has several special features: safe, soft, non-toxic, non-irritating, skin-friendly, and not allergic. If you find the toy gets dirty, you can wash it directly in water so that it is very durable.  Colors and shapes change for you to choose your favorite.

Excellent Decompression Ability

Compared with ordinary fidget blocks toys, this decompression sucker strip can bring you better sensory stimulation. Tear off the sucker strip stuck to the smooth surface,  Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys  will make a crackling sound, which can effectively relieve stress and anxiety.

New design

We are Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys   Manufacturer . Novel strip design, silicone Suction Cups toys are made of high-quality silicone materials., which can stick to any smooth surface, Safe and odorless, it can be squeezed and pulled at any time without deformation. Just wash it with water and your squid rings will look brand new. And  can be used for unlimited times!

Diverse Gameplay

There are many ways to play magic suckers. In addition to shooting, throwing, and folding, you are free to create your gameplay. Not only is this a toy that helps relieve stress, but it’s also an effective way to promote family and friends.The most common way is to hold one end of the decompression suction cup tightly, and then let the side with the suction cup hit the smooth surface.

Eay to use.

Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys ——Magic suction cup toys will stick to smooth surfaces such as arms, smooth tables, smooth floors, etc. If you notice any discomfort, pat anywhere with suction cup tape, slowly lift one end of them, and they’ll make a “Boom! Boom! Boom.” very pleasant and decompressing sound. They can also be folded in half and each button can be closed. You can play non-stop in your hands.

Always enjoy

The New Squido Cup Pop Fidget Toy Decompression Silicone Magic Suction Cup can help relieve emotions, concentrate, and the sound of pulling the suction cup will release your stress instantly, or you can fold it in half and use it at work, meetings, and breaks. toys for recreation.Decompression suction cup straps to play anywhere. Get creative with tabletops, refrigerator doors, windows, glass doors, tile floors and walls, surfboards, and more!

Perfect Gift Ideas

Fun to play, Relax Stress Relief Antistress Soft Squishy Toy is made of high quality silicone, suitable for children, not easy to break and easy to carry. These are the perfect Christmas gifts for kids or party favors , perfect for parties and holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.  Make school life more interesting. These are also excellent rewards and prizes for the kids.

After-sales service

As  a Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys . Please contact us promptly if you have any questions after you finish buying pop it, we will solve all your problems within 24 hours!


Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys Wholesale Silicone Pop Fidget Toys


Q1: Does your company have more products?

Yes! We have thousands of toy products, you can send the product pictures to us, we will provide a quote for you ASAP.

Q2: Whether the product can be customized?

Yes! We can customize different packaging,color and logo according to your requirements.


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