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3 In 1 Mars Exploration Wholesale Solar Puzzle Car Toy

3 In 1 Mars Exploration Wholesale Solar Puzzle Car Toy

Type: 3 in 1 solar puzzle, max exploration car
Item Weight: 0.87 pounds
Accessories: plastic car accessories, solar panel, connector, motor, manual
Product Dimensions: 3.75 x 1.33 x 3.28 inches

Masterful OEM & ODM
Whether you prefer our designs or to make your own, we value your design and preferences and will utilize our expertise to meet your requirements.


3 In 1 Wholesale Solar Puzzle Car Science Toy

Environmentally friendly materials:

The product is made of ABS, and can pass EN71、ASTM test. This material can meet the needs of customers in different countries.


3-in-1 Solar Rover Kit: This solar rover kit can be built with 3 different shapes of Mars Rover.

Wholesale solar puzzle car Accessories

Parts of the Wholesale solar puzzle car include moving and connecting parts such as gears, plates, tires and shafts. Kids can easily disassemble them after building each explorer.

Clear Instructions:

Kids can follow the instruction manual step by step to complete the building. We recommend that parents and children complete the first robot build together while enjoying the process of family collaboration.

Solar-powered eco-friendly toys:

Excellent STEM robots for the next generation to start learning about solar power. It crawls, rolls and floats in direct sunlight, allowing kids to learn about the environmental concepts of green technology and renewable resources.

EDUCATIONAL GIFT FOR KIDS 7-12: By assembling and building different solar powered robots from simple to complex, this STEM toy will not only develop your little engineer’s mechanical skills, but also stimulate their imagination and creativity. This is a great educational gift for kids.


This product is suitable for children over 8 years old. Please pay attention to the age requirements to prevent the product accessories from being swallowed by children.

The product can be used under strong sunlight or yellow light. The speed of the toy car will not be very fast. Usually solar toys have this problem. If you mind, please pay attention to this problem. If you have any questions, please contact us via email. happy shopping.

The whole set of products does not require batteries and relies entirely on solar panels to use.

If you have assembly problems, you can check the manual at any time, or you can assemble according to your own needs

China 3 in 1 Wholesale solar puzzle car toy Manufacturer

3 in 1 Max exploration solar puzzle car
Custom Product Design
Muiltifunction can be chosen
Strict selection of environmentally friendly materials
Can receive retail and wholesale

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Q1.How to customize?

Any customized order is warmly welcome ,send us pictures or your layout the size and materials.we will check and make the sample as per your request.

Q2.How can I get the product?

Just contact us by mail or TradeManager,we’ll be your guide.

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