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The Benefits of Selling Wholesale Summer Toys in Your Store

Basic Situation of Wholesale Summer Toys

The types of wholesale summer toys are diverse, and the price of the price is relatively large. The cheap is less than 5 yuan, and the more expensive ones are more than 100 yuan (except for large inflatable products). Stores, stationery stores, etc. are mainly.

According to the monitoring of the “Sino -foreign toy Manufacturing” magazine to the national key cities wholesale market, starting from March each year, summer toys will gradually enter the hot sales period, and the sales will gradually decline after August.Because in the summer, these related categories of toys will be more loved by children. They like to play these toys on various venues.

However, this time period is the hot period of market, and the hot sales period of production should be advanced in advance. Judging from the previous monitoring and the feedback of toy manufacturers, the sales of summer toys in the peak season are basically relatively stable, but different types of products will also have sales differences due to weather and regional factors.

a girl in one piece swimsuit playing on a unicorn inflatable ring

Wholesale Summer Toys List

Recently, Amazon released the 2017 Summer Toy List (2017 wholesale summer toys list), listing more than 400 most popular wholesale summer toys. This list also provides the seller with a good choice direction

Movie theme toys will still become the most popular toys, such as the theme activity table of “Ocean”, Ravensburger Disney “Auto Story 3” floor puzzle, educational toy robot Ozobotevo, and “Avengers” and “Captain America”. Set.

Inflatable toys are also very popular in summer. Last summer, Intex’s fitness inflatable floating toys became the hottest products.

This year, consumers may buy Swimline Personal Pizza pizza floating toys and INTEX firebird -type floating toys launched in 2017. The NERF bubble sponge gun has always been a classic summer toy. This year, the seller can supply the newly launched Nerfnitro DuelFury Demolition.

“Our team is glad to list all the best -selling and high -quality new toys this summer. Parents want their children to play well.

Wholesale Summer Toys

1. Garden toys. Summer usually involves outdoor playing. Consumers’ preferred backyard toys include Gazillion Incredibble Wand toys, Nerf Lazer Tag Radium War Toy Gun, and Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Verdie.

2. Sports toys. Riding or playing in summer is a beautiful memory of many people in childhood. Power WHEEELS WILD THING 2 toy car, Schwinn RoadSte 12-inch children’s tricycle, Space Scooter Ride ON scooter, Franklin Sports Go Pro YouTH rugby pitch set and Feixue Fisher-PROW-TO-Pro shooting toys.

3. STEM toys in summer. School holiday does not mean to stop learning. Parents allow their children to participate in OSMO CODING programming games, play 4M Water Rocket jet water rocket toy set and National Geographic Break Open 10 Geodes, Explore Crystals Science Popularity Popularity toy Kit Set.

4. Garden equipment. The courtyard is an important place for summer activities. Parents can arrange the backyard to relax and play. Swing-N-Slide Orbiter Qiu Qian, Little Tikes’s inflatable jumping bed and slide combination, Little Tikes drama water game table and Swing- N-Slide Monster’s big net is essential.

boy playing with water pistol bedside pool

5. Toys. During the summer rainy days, the Roller Coaster Set roller coaster set toy, Easy Playhouse Castle Castle and Wildkin Canvas Teepee Playhouse tent provided the children with indoor fun. In addition, Hedbanz Game Monopoly and Children’s Globe 3D Puzzle3D Earth Puzzle can also let parents and children play together.

6. Water toys. Every family is bound to play water on the beach, swimming pool, riverside, beside the lake, or other waters when the weather is very hot.

7. Imagination toys. In the summer, I can’t stop imagining. Melissa & Doug wooden dessert car toys, Melissa & Doug Scoop and Stack ice cream, the Lego Star Wars Series 75172 Y-Wing Star Fighter and Disney Mouse Mouse Activities and other products are full of fun.

Simple to Sell Wholesale Summer Toys to Consumers

They may not be quite on par with the holidays, but wholesale summer toys sales can make a meaningful contribution to your bottom line, too. With a little forethought and planning, you can easily inspire big-time summer sales — and it all starts with thinking like a parent.

While parents purchase holiday toys with the intention of surprising and delighting the kids on their shopping lists, many make wholesale summer toys with a different goal in mind. Whether you’re a manufacturer or a retailer, you can tap into summer sales by understanding that parents have some unique problems in the summer that you can help solve.


Who hasn’t heard “I’m bored” three days into summer break? Promote summer boredom-buster products — including solo games, craft kits, and outdoor activities — via in-store merchandising and signage, social media campaigns, and special events. After all, what busts boredom better than spending the day playing in the local toy store?

You might even change your theme weekly: “Bust Summer Boredom with … Craft Kits!” one week, or “Bust Summer Boredom with … Games!” the next. Curate a compelling set of products for each theme, and be ready to talk about the features, benefits, and long-lasting, summer boredom-busting abilities of each.


Many kids would be happy to fill the summer hours texting, watching YouTube, or playing Roblox, Fortnite, or The Sims — but, many parents don’t love this. As it is, kids younger than age 10 spend almost 55 days in front of a screen each year, according to a survey conducted by Parents Magazine and insurance company Asurion in November.

You can promote your non-electronic offerings as a means to get kids to unplug and engage with friends and family, have some real-life fun, and maybe even learn a little something.

Retailers should consider coordinating a weekly, in-store game day or Toy Test Tuesday to get kids off the couch and into your store trying out your favorite non-electronic offerings. Manufacturers should consider social media posts, blog posts, and newsletters that offer ideas and products that encourage unplugged play at home.


Speaking of learning, many parents are concerned about the summer slide. Kids lose roughly 2.5 months’ worth of reading and math skills over the summer, which can add up to two years of learning lost by the time kids reach middle school. Parents are looking to put a stop to the slide, and they’re willing to spend to prevent it. wholesale summer toys and games that slip in some academic practice or encourage and reward curiosity are an easy sell during the summer.

Think science kits, handheld math quizzes, and even strategy games. Your buyers are familiar with the term “summer slide,” so go ahead and use it. Send weekly tips to stop the summer slide, create a section in your store filled with educational products, and feature both on your social channels.


Keeping kids entertained on long drives, flights, and hotel nights is another summertime pain point for parents. Portable products, such as magnetic travel games, art sets, sticker books, and dress-up dolls, are great for summer travel.

 Why not offer a Travel Trouble Giveaway at the start of summer, filled with toys and games perfect for families on the go? You can promote one product per week, share reviews from parents who’ve brought it on vacation, ask for photos of parents’ favorite travel toys, or create a hashtag specific to your store or brand, such as End Travel Troubles With Toms Toys.


Some kids are natural movers and shakers. From Slip ‘n Slides and swimming pools to scooters and rope swings, you wouldn’t be able to get these active kids to sit still in the summer if you tried — others, not so much.

 Many parents worry that kids aren’t getting enough exercise without school recess and PE class. You can promote fun outdoor play products and vehicles to help inspire kids to get up and moving. Try hosting a monthly challenge in store or online, in which kids track their movement minutes in exchange for a prize.

Again, be sure to ask for images to share on social media using a custom hashtag you create just for your brand or store.

It’s not too late to kick off a short-lead summer marketing campaign. Give some thought to the tools at your disposal — whether you send emails, post on social media, create merchandised sections with signage, or host special events.

 Such ideas can address parents’ concerns, including that their kids have fun — which is a great way to move product in the summer.

Is it good to buy wholesale summer toys? Toys business owner and buyer guide

No matter what kind of toy products you provide, purchasing wholesale summer toys are a useful way for your business. If you are a toy business owner or buyer, you may try to buy goods at normal costs, which may adversely affect your business. The following guidelines explain why buying bulk wholesale summer toys is an ideal choice for any toy store. Whether you sell it, it is filled with animal toys, puzzle toys, plush toys, dolls, party gifts, novel toys, games or other different categories of different categories. Toy.

What value does a wholesale summer toys?

wholesale summer toys provide more affordable products for buyers and owners, which helps increase the profit margin of the same product you usually buy at full price. By selecting bulk toys from good reputation and reliable source, you can always provide customers with high -quality products of any products, such as animal toys or toy weapons.

Why choose wholesale summer toys?

In addition to providing “simple and interesting” products in your business, the lower cost of wholesale toys also means that you pass the lower price to the consumers of your store. You can obtain more competitive advantages by providing customers with lower prices (not sacrificing profits) at the same time. Therefore, you and your customers have benefited from wholesale procurement.

In addition, buying wholesale toys will usually provide you with more store product options, allowing you to expand the age range of children (or children’s parents) who buy toys. You are expanding your customer base by providing products that are suitable for more age groups.

What are The Benefits of Purchasing Wholesale Summer Toys?

As mentioned earlier, there are many benefits to buying and playing at the wholesale price. Below, we will discuss the advantage of choosing wholesale for your company.

Discount price

Batch procurement allows you to use lower product price points. By looking for lower prices, you can get higher profit margins while ensure that you provide customers with lower costs.

Wholesale Summer Toys

Many wholesale summer toys are available

More choice toys means you can provide toys for more customers. Provide more products to make you more competitive than buying a small amount of goods. Therefore, wholesale purchase can have a positive impact on your business. Buyers who search products will also find that customers are usually more willing to choose more toys.

Reduce transportation costs

Generally, when buying more products, the freight of each product is usually reduced. For example, if you want to buy enough products to load a transport container, compared with buying some products everywhere, you usually spend less each product. If your items are transported with containers, each container usually has a fixed amount, and land transportation is charged according to weight.

Now you have understood the benefits and values that purchase wholesale toys can bring to your business. You can consider buying wholesale products for your store, or if you are a buyer, you can add them to the directory.

Choose Us as Your Toy Supplier

We focus on personalization of each customer to ensure that their requirements are met according to the specific specifications of the products you want. Knowing expensive does not always mean high quality, which is a complicated thing for many people when buying, but you can manage a lot of details through bulk toys and sell high -quality products at cheaper costs. Providing customized plush toys at a reasonable price is a leap for creating trustworthy consumers. They are happy to buy your toys.

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