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Wholesale Telescope With 102cm Stand And Double Lens Barrel In Suitcase Packaging

Wholesale Telescope With 102cm Stand And Double Lens Barrel In Suitcase Packaging

Type: Telescope lens barrel, double lens barrel
Item Weight: 0.6 pounds
Accessories: seeds, thermometer and wind meter, plant maze
Product Dimensions: 5.63 x 1.41 x 4.69 inches

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Wholesale Telescope With 102cm Stand And Double Lens Barrel In Suitcase Packaging STEM toy


The mini telescope is designed to show you lunar craters as well as great views of mountains, valleys and many other subjects, including birds and other wildlife, perfect for kids viewing the landscape and the moon.


The optical system is equipped with fully-coated optical glass, allowing you to view clear, crisp images.

This scope is easy to carry and quick to assemble, the stand of the telescope can be raised and lowered to adjust to a suitable position, suitable for the height of the child

Wholesale Telescope Functions

— Mini telescope for kids, perfect for land and moon viewing.
— Portable sights with fully coated optics make your vision brighter and clearer.
— The metal tripod can be up to 102cm.
— Metal optical tube with 300mm focal length and 30X magnification.

Wholesale Telescope Note:

— Extend the tripod legs and push down on the tripod support posts until the tripod legs are as wide as possible and the tripod support posts are straight.

— Carefully push the optic barrel down into the barrel attachment bracket until it is firmly seated.

— Remove the plastic dust cap from in front of the 30mm objective lens.

— Loosen the horizontal motion lock and the vertical motion lock by turning the knobs counterclockwise.

Other notes:

— Aim the telescope at the subject you want to look at.

— Place your eye just behind the eyepiece.

— Slowly push or pull the eyepiece until you see your subject sharply.

— If you want to keep your telescope aimed in this direction, tighten the horizontal and vertical motion locks by turning them clockwise.

— NEVER aim your telescope at the sun or even close to the sun!

China Wholesale Telescope Science toy Manufacturer

Telescope toy Science toy
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Multiple children can play together
Strict selection of environmentally friendly materials
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