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2 Useful Steps to Wholesale Toy Products from China without Visiting

In the global situation affected by the epidemic, it is particularly important to obtain the stable supply chain and suppliers to wholesale toy products. Because it can not only ensure that you can get products in time, but also ensure that you have advantages in price and quality. Therefore, purchasing goods from China has become the first choice for many businesses. However, affected by the epidemic, many purchasers like us cannot come to China to participate in exhibitions and visit factories as before. Under such a background, how to wholesale toy products from China without visiting? Here are some good methods to share with you.

Wholesale Toy Products

1.Advantages and Methods of Wholesale Toy Products from China

First, we can search online exhibition information and toy websites in a timely manner. There are many online exhibition platforms in China, such as the online Canton Fair, where we can search for the toy products we need. Find appropriate suppliers to initiate inquiry, and comprehensively evaluate suppliers by comparing various factors such as price and service.

Second, we can use online platforms such as and Made-in-China to search for suitable suppliers. The toy products on these websites are very rich, with clearly pictures and videos, transparent prices and various choices. We can evaluate and select the most suitable supplier by comparing the strength of suppliers, product price and quality, transportation time and other factors from multiple perspectives.

Wholesale toy products from Alibaba

Third, we can seek cooperation with foreign trade companies. The comprehensive resources of foreign trade companies are very rich. When we want to develop new products, we can find professional toy foreign trade companies to cooperate. They will help us select products and factories, provide more competitive prices, and provide new product ideas. This will save us a lot of time, but also more security for purchasing products.

Fourth, we can hold the online video meeting and select samples. If we can’t go to China on the spot, we can also visit the factory workshops and assembly lines, sample rooms and warehouses face-to-face with our suppliers through online video. The most important thing is that we can more effectively select the products we need through video phone and let the supplier provide samples.

2.Options of Wholesale Toy Products from China

First, pay attention to quality as well as price. The biggest advantage of purchasing toy products from China is that the manufacturing and labor costs are low, and the product costs are significantly reduced, so it is attractive to purchase products in China. At the same time, when negotiating with different suppliers, each supplier will provide their lowest price. Therefore, we learn to study product cost and compare sample quality to determine the most appropriate price. And it is very important to pay attention to the relevant tests of toy products to ensure that the products comply with the safety laws and regulations of the place of sale.

Second, communicate effectively with your suppliers. We usually encounter jet lag and language communication problems when purchasing products in China. For this reason, we can sort out all the problems and information during our working hours and send them to the suppliers to solve and reply. In case of emergency during the off hours, you can communicate effectively through WhatsApp, WeChat and other instant communication software.

Third, know all the expenses in advance. When source toy products from China, we should not only pay attention to the FOB price of the products, but also pay attention to the testing costs of the products, the overall ocean freight, tariffs, port of destination costs and other issues. Only by reasonably estimating and calculating all the costs can we maximize the profits.

To sum up, if we want to wholesale toy products form China without visiting, we need to learn how to use network resources to collect products and suppliers information, and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of these information to select a suitable supplier.

Wholesale Toy Products
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