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Wholesale Toys From China: 6 Procedures to Perform Quality Control Inspection

With the steady growth of the world economy, the consumption demand for Wholesale Toys has expanded day by day, and the Quality Control of Wholesale Toys has become a focus topic of international attention.
Based on the consideration of toys for health and safety, various countries have gradually established strict toy control standards and regulations; the sanctions of relevant laws and regulations are also increasingly severe, which brings great challenges to manufacturers, importers, and suppliers.

What are Wholesale Toys Quality Control Standards?

1.Chinese Wholesale Toys tandards

On May 6, 2014, the China Quality Supervision Bureau and the National Standard Committee released the latest version of GB6675 -the national standard of in 2014. The new toy safety standards have strengthened the safety and quality standards of wholesale toys in China. The standard was officially implemented on January 1, 2016. At present, China’s toy safety standards are GB6675-2003 (national toy security technical specifications), which are national compulsory standards, and in terms of technical requirements, ISO8124-1: 2000 (toy security machinery and physical properties), ISO8124-2: 1994 (toys safety combustion performance) and ISO8124-3: 1997 (migration of toy safety specific elements), GB 6675 standards are suitable for all products or materials for children to play for children under 14 years old.

GB6675 -the national standard of < Wholesale Toys Safety> in 2014

2.Toys 3C Certification

China Compulsory Certification (CCC). It is a product-qualified assessment system implemented by laws and regulations to protect consumers’ safety and national security and strengthen product quality management. According to “Regulations the Regulations on the Certification and Accreditation of the People’s Republic of China”, “Regulations on the Management of Mandatory Product Certification” and “Administrative Measures for Mandatory Product Certification Logos”, the products in the compulsory product certification catalog must be issued by the designated certification agency to issue a certification certificate and increased .

After applying the certification logo, you can use the factory, sell, import or use in other business activities. According to the latest version of the “Mandatory Product Certification Catalog”, the current CCC-certified toy products include four categories: video toys, plastic toys, metal toys, and riding vehicles toys. Therefore, toy products that are imported from China with CCC certification overseas should be pasted with CCC certification signs before importing.

3C certification logo

3.Other Regional Standards

EU Standard EN71: (Compulsory testing items: physical-mechanical performance, combustion performance, 19 major heavy metal dissolved, plastic toys or plasticizers also need to be devotional)
American standard ASTM F963: (Mandatory testing items: physical-mechanical performance, Burning Performance, 8 major heavy metals dissolved, plastic toys or plasticizers also need to be dozen)
International Standard ISO8124: (Mandatory testing items: physical-mechanical performance, combustion performance, 8 major metal dissolved, plastic toys or increased increases The plastic agent also needs to be a phenyl)

Wholesale Toys Quality Control And Inspection Procedures in China

1.Tag Information Check:

In addition to identifying product information on the toy label, it also requires the age group of toys to identify the warning logo that may cause harm to guide consumers to use it correctly and avoid unreasonable or wrong use of harm to children.

2.Mechanical and Physical Performance Test:

Physical machinery testing is mainly to check whether the characteristics of the toy structure meet the standard requirements, including shape, size, contour, gaps, and certain toys. Mechanical and physical tests include predictable normal use and abuse of toy safety after testing, including sharp corners, small components, hinge safety, highlighting parts of a component, rope length, plastic film thickness, riding toys Stability bearing capacity, and minimum dumping corner, the sound of sound toys, the safety of ejection toys, the safety of water toys, the safety performance of metal wires and rods, etc., abuse tests include impact, falling, tensile, torque, pressure, stress, Bend, bite and so on.

3.Finny Performance Test:

By testing whether the toy contains standards, it is forbidden to use flammable materials in toys to avoid hazards caused by the burning of the toy during use of the toys. Toys that are required to be tested have toys for children to enter, containing hair, containing hair Software filled toys for velvet or textile fabrics.

4.Migration Element Detection:

Entering toys that enter children’s bodies by swallowing, chewing, licking, inhaling, etc., under the action of saliva, sweat, and gastric juice, some harmful chemical elements will migrate and release to harm children’s health, such as PB, CD, HG, CR, SB, AS, SE, BA, these elements are almost included in glass, metal materials, pigment coatings, cardboard, synthetic textiles, software -shaped clay and other toys such as toy products. The test process generally uses an analog chemical solution to migrate toys for chemical elements and uses ICP-MS, ICP-OES, and other instruments to measure the content of migrating elements.

5.Another Chemical Testing:

In addition to the above test requirements, other chemicals contained in toys, especially phthalate and lead, have also been strictly stipulated in different countries. Toribinate can be used as a plasticizer exceeding a certain amount to interfere with human endocrine, which is not conducive to children’s growth and development, which will cause cancer, mutagenic, reproductive toxicity, and lead to lead standards to affect children’s intelligence.

6.Diabenate Salt Ester:

The product should use safe plastic additives, toy standards GB6675.1-2014 on 6 common phthalates (DBP, BBP, DEHP, DNOP, DINP, DIDP), respectively. The above 6 -mentioned phenyl -diexate is restricted, and the US CPSC has restricted the use of 8 types of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIBP, DPENP, DHEXP, and DCHP). For lead, the EU Reach regulations and the US CPSC regulations restricted lead in toys.

Quality Control Inspection

Now you know what inspection is and how it is carried out. In addition to eliminating many headaches, having inspection quality control services will help you reduce production costs.

Union Vision always insists on monitoring quality for our customers and we take every step to ensure the highest quality of all our products. With over ten years of industry experience, our expert quality auditors perform detailed inspections on every step of the production process (from raw material to packaging).
We provide a detailed inspection report for each shipment, giving you confidence in the products we supply.

If you want to know more about Quality Control, at you can get more information about what we can do for you.

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