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Top Wholesale Toys and Trends to Notice in 2022-2023

Are you also worried about how to select the new season’s toy products and how to wholesale toys? It’s a good time to know the 2023 trends for toys to help you with your toy development and sourcing efforts. Whether you are a retailer or an Amazon store owner, predicting the future of pop-up products will be an essential task. So let’s take a closer look at the following toy trends for 2023 and how to source these items.

Wholesale Toys

Look at Six Trends Released by the Toy Association to Wholesale Toys.

1. Toy products that deliver a fun experience.

This experience should be innovative and fun. After a long period of great popularity, parents are looking to take the initiative to create some fun memories of their children’s childhood. Look for games that can be hands-on and interactive for the whole family. For example, STEM games, DIY games, etc.

2. Toys that help develop children’s sense of social responsibility

As people’s thinking progresses, more and more parents are aware of environmental issues. In the United States, data show that 70% of parents are willing to take the initiative to purchase toys made of sustainable materials and hope that children can learn more about the environment while playing and develop their environmental awareness.

3. Toys Guided by Online Platforms

Media leads consumption, children are willing to pay for their favorite cartoon images, and people learn more about interesting toy products through videos. Therefore, this kind of product always appears in the annual hot list.

4. Musical enlightenment toys

Parents are concerned about children’s perception of the arts and learning, so learning from playing is obviously a very good choice.

5. Toys that help develop children’s social skills

Playing together to enhance the relationship, especially now received the impact of the pandemic, the epidemic greatly affects people’s travel. Social skills are very important for children, and toys like pretend play sets, board games, etc., require multiple people to play together to push children to communicate with more people. Improve the child’s social skills.

6. Adults can also play with the toys

Relieving emotion is an essential attribute of toys, and the long-standing epidemic has created a growing need to relieve emotions.

How to Wholesale Toys From China?

The two most common procurement methods to wholesale toys are:

1. Online platform procurement: Alibaba is the most common procurement platform in China, through which you can obtain simple and convenient procurement services. For customized products, online procurement is easily restricted, but because of the convenience of procurement, you can use it to purchase samples to check product quality.

2. Wholesale toys with factories or trading companies with export qualifications: For example, we-Freefun. We will communicate with customers in detail about their needs, and recommend suitable products according to their sales methods and sales locations. Different sales places have different requirements for product quality and packaging methods, and our sales team can understand the sales regulations and quality requirements of different regions. Help you get a more professional purchasing experience.

As a professional toy supplier, Freefun also has its own Alibaba platform to meet customers’ different purchasing needs. Welcome to contact us!

Wholesale toys
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