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Top Wholesale Toys and Trends Guide in 2022-2023

Are you looking for the hottest wholesale toys?

Are you aware of the best-selling wholesale toys of 2022?

As an industry with hot prospects, the wholesale toy industry not only has a fast speed of toy updates, but also generate more toys with more and more functions. And there are many toy importers and sellers around the world who make a lot of money in the wholesale toy industry. This has also attracted more entrepreneurs to enter the wholesale toy industry.

However, to gain a foothold in the wholesale toy industry, it is important to know the latest toy categories and styles, which can help you predict the blockbuster toys in 2023.

This article will tell you some top famous toys and trends of new toys. Let us start it!

Top Wholesale Toys Trends

Toys that can help develop children’s various abilities

From start to finish, toys are primarily designed to allow children to play and develop their abilities in all aspects. For example, hands-on ability, improving concentration, and so on. These abilities are good for all aspects of a child’s brain development.

Toys that are Suitable for both Kids and Adults

Due to the impact of the pandemic and the development of social media, more and more young people are becoming interested in toys. In other words, toys are not just meant to cater to children’s interests, but also to adults’ interests.

Top 4 Hot-selling Wholesale Toys

Magnet Building Blocks Construction Set

The magnetic piece playset once became one of the hottest toys of 2022. Each magnetic sheet contains several small magnet blocks, and different small magnetic sheets can be connected to create arbitrary shapes with the magnetic force. These figures can be cartoon animals, cars and more.

Wooden Jenga Classic Game

This kind of wholesale toy, also known as stacked high toy, is a toy that is rapidly gaining popularity in 2022. The toy is made up of 54 blocks, and players need skill, strategy and luck to complete this toy game.

 Magical Misting Cauldron with Pink Plush Toy

Magic potion toys are also one of the hottest wholesale toys in 2022. All you need is a special wand, a few magic potions, and an instruction manual to distill a cute stuffed toy. You’ll need to chant spells, pour the magic potions you need into the furnace one at a time, and once a mist rises, you’ll get your product! Come and cast magic spells with your friends。

Sensory Fidget Toys

Decompression toys have been selling well for a long time in 2022. The audience of decompression toys is not only children, but also adults. For children, decompression toys can develop their concentration. For adults, the bigger role of decompression toys is to help them de-stress and distract themselves.

Best 3 Wholesale Toys Online Stores


Amazon is the world’s leading sales and shopping platform. Here you can find thousands of best-selling toys, including different and many more brands. If you want to quickly find the best-selling toys, you can click on the best sellers section to find the hottest toys as quickly as possible.


Walmart is also a world-renowned online shopping site where you can find best-selling toys from all over the world. You can find the toys with the most positive reviews by selecting the toys section.


Alibaba International is one of the most influential online shopping platforms in China. Here you can find great and affordable toys. Because Alibaba is a website that offers wholesale prices, the more you buy, the more units of wholesale toys.

In the End

Here are all the contents of Top Wholesale Toys and Trends Guide in 2022-2023. If you still have some questions, or are interested in the wholesale toys, welcome to visit our website.

Hopes you all well~

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