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Wholesale Toys – Top 12 Things to Consider When Shipping from China to US

Since China’s reform and opening up, China and the United States have had a lot of trade relations. Especially for the wholesale toy industry, since there is a trade relationship, it is bound to involve the problem of shipping. If you want to wholesale toys from China to the United States, but don’t know about shipping issues. Congratulations, your questions will be solved in this article.

From choosing a wholesale toy supplier to preparing relevant documents and paying customs duties, this guide will help you become an expert in shipping from China to the United States.

What Documents are Required to Import Wholesale Toys from China

If you want to import wholesale toys from China to the United States, you need to provide the following documents:

Bill of Lading

A complete bill of lading shall include the following:

1. Name, mark, number of packages or pieces, weight or volume of the wholesale goods.

2. Carrier’s company name.

3. Name of ship.

4. Name of shipper and consignee.

5. Loading port and date of acceptance at loading port.

6. Unloading port.

7. The multi-modal bill of lading shall include the place of receipt and the place of documented goods.

8. Date, place and number of copies of the bill of lading.

9. Payment of freight.

10. Carrier or its representative.

Packing List

This should including all imported goods.

Arrival Notice

This needs to be provided by the freight forwarder.

How to Import from China to the USA

The process of shipping wholesale toys from China and importing them into the United States involves the following steps:

Decide which wholesale toys to sell. First, you need to research which wholesale toys have a large market in the United States. Whether they are usually able to produce in China, then decide which products you want to export.

Research whether the wholesale toys you want to ship are subject to special tariffs or other import restrictions in the United States. If so, you will have to pay an additional fee and the product will face inspection at the border. If the product is too restricted, you may want to reconsider shipping the product.

Find a reliable supplier to be responsible for production.

Choose a reliable freight forwarder to handle the transportation of the goods. My advice is to find an agent with extensive experience in China. At the same time, you will need to work with the freight forwarder to prepare relevant documents, calculate prices and other logistics costs.

How to Find the Best Freight Forwarder

In order to find the best freight forwarder, we suggest these following things.

Estimate Your Company’s Product Needs

Before finding the right freight forwarder, you need to fully consider the company’s needs for wholesale toys. You need to consider what type of product to choose, where to look for Chinese suppliers, and where the product will eventually be shipped to. In addition, you also want to choose the most cost-effective shipping method.

Research Freight Forwarders

When choosing the right freight forwarder, consider how experienced they are. Have they ever handled goods similar to yours? Whether they have the ability to minimize transportation risks.

Consider Communication Style

When it comes to finding the right freight forwarder, you definitely want to have a long-term relationship with a freight forwarder, not just a one-time partner. In order to achieve a long-term friendly cooperative relationship, how to communicate becomes the key. Are they easy to contact when you want to ask them for a quote? How efficient is the recovery? You may need a setup that provides online tracking and regular notifications.

Shipping Routes from China to the USA

China is famous for its ports. There are ports all along the coast of China. This provides many ways to ship wholesale toys from China to the United States. Here are some of the most common sea freight routes:

Hong Kong to Long Beach, California (USA)

Qingdao to Long Beach, California

From Shanghai to Guam to Honolulu to Long Beach, California

Shanghai to Ocobin to Savannah, Georgia (USA) via the Panama Canal

Shanghai to Ocobin to New York (USA) via the Panama Canal

Shanghai to Ocobin to Boston, Massachusetts (USA) via the Panama Canal

The Main Container Terminal on the West Coast of the United States

Houston (Texas)

New York (New York)

Miami (Florida)

Savannah (Georgia)

The Main Container Terminal on the East Coast of the United States

Los Angeles (California)

Long Beach (California)

Seattle (Washington)

Oakland (California)

After arriving in the United States, the items were transported from China to the United States.

Of course, some goods do not just go by sea, from China to the United States. The wholesale toys were likely flown first from China to the nearest U.S. airport. After customs clearance, the goods are sent on their final journey via international express, such as fedex or UPS. A journey to somewhere else (or another final destination) in the interior of the United States.

The Best Shipping Routes from China to the US

The best shipping route for you from China to the United States depends on what kind of wholesale toys you are shipping. Which mode of transportation do you want to transport and where is the final destination of the product. These will affect the best transport routes. You need to communicate clearly with the freight forwarder to choose the route that best meets your needs. 

China to US Shipping Time

The transportation time from China to the United States, depending on the transportation, the time may vary, depending on many factors. You can check with the freight forwarder for current shipping times so that you can get a rough idea of when the goods will arrive in the United States. In summary, here are a few minutes of transport time for different modes of transport.

By air :2-3 days

Door to door airlift :3-7 days

Door to airport Air :2-5 days

Door to door shipping :30-45 days

Door to port by sea :25-35 days

Customs Charges from China to the US

Goods exported from China to the United States have different tariffs on different types of goods. You need to know the current customs policies and the details of import charges from China to the United States. All these will affect your profit margin. Also, pay close attention to this information, as the tariff costs are always changing.

A 25 percent tariff was also imposed on goods entering the United States from China.

Requirements to Import from China

In order to ensure the smooth entry of your goods into the United States, you should meet the following requirements:

Before the item enters the United States, all import duties, customs fees, duties, and other taxes must be paid totally.

You must provide all necessary related documentation.

You must pay all customs broker and agent fees.

In order to make sure that all U.S. regulations are not affected, imported wholesale toys may be required to undergo inspections.

Cheap Products to Import from China

China is a big country with a strong toy-making base, which is good news for overseas importers because it means they can find any toy they want wholesale in China. Here are some of our suggested wholesale toys:

Plastic Toys

 Plastic toys are the largest subcategory of China’s toy market. There are more than 8,000 toy manufacturers in China, most of which are plastic toys. Plastic toy products are waterproof, lightweight, suitable for children to play, strong corrosion resistance, long service life and other characteristics, has become a popular toy variety in the world.

Pet Toys

According to the survey, 22 percent of Americans, ages 18 to 29, have at least one pet. For every pet lover, they can buy any pet toy for their pets, such as cat litter, dog litter, cat teasing stick and so on.

Why Choose Union Vision

Union Vision is a wholesale toy manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in product development, production and export.

The company has 8000 square meters of production base, 10000 square meters of warehouse, more than 200 employees.

We got certified; United Visual Toys are CE and EN71 certified.

We will ensure that we only supply you with high quality toys.

The toys we supply have to pass strict quality inspection before shipment.

As a brand, we are authentic in all our transactions.

Our team is always looking forward to serving you.

How to Get a Quote for Your Shipment

Contact us so we can get a quick quote for your kind shipment.

Frequently FAQ when Shipping from China to US

How much is shipping from China to the US

Transportation costs are affected by many different factors, such as transportation mode, transportation distance and so on. To help you find the best transportation option for you, Union Vision offers a variety of pricing options.

How long does FedEx take from China to the USA

Usually, it takes 4 to 7 days for a FedEx package from China to the United States. This failure difference is affected by a variety of factors, which can be weather or other factors.

How much does it cost to bring a 40-foot container from China

This depends on the weight of the container, the route and the current international shipping rates. In addition, you may have to pay additional fees, depending on the type of items transported in the container. For specific questions such as these, we recommend that you contact Union Vision for a more specific quote. Trust us, we can offer you a better price.

The End

Here are all the contents of this article. If you still have any questions, please contact us at

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