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7 Best Wholesale Toys Selections and 5 Best Wholesale Marketplaces (2022)

As a wholesale toy business company with experiences about all kinds of toys and customer services, we wrote this guide which walks beginners through basic knowledge of wholesale, and tips for 8 Best Wholesale Toys Selections and 5 Best Wholesale Toys Marketplaces.

Definition of Wholesale

Wholesale is the act of selling your product in bulk to another retailer, usually at a discount, and then the latter sells the product to the customer at a higher price. This is wholesale. However, wholesale is often seen as an old-fashioned business model that is being subverted by the new direct-to-consumer e-commerce business. In fact, end customers are available to buy products through wholesale channels. Creating such a wholesale channel is necessary and becoming a new trend in online business now.

Definition of Wholesale

Wholesale Type

Because some wholesalers work independently, while others work closely with one or two producers. It is difficult to control the wholesale environment. Generally speaking, wholesale business can be divided into three categories or types. These are:

Merchant Wholesalers

This is the most common type of wholesale. Merchant wholesalers buy a large number of products and then sell a small number of products at slightly higher prices. Merchant wholesalers do not manufacture their own products, but they have an in-depth understanding of the products and know when to start selling them to retailers in different industries.


Brokers usually do not manufacture the products they sell; they are intermediaries between wholesale operators and their customers. The broker negotiate a good deal between the two parties and work out a sales commission structure.

Sales and Distribution

Manufacturers can hire people to actively represent them to wholesalers instead of relying on wholesalers to find manufacturers. This means that manufacturers will contact wholesale operators, providing them with products.

Why Shall We Choose Wholesale Toys?

In 2004, England, wholesale toys industry reached more than £2.1 billion annually; each child over 14 years old received toys, which deserved an average of £179. Children over 5 years old do best with an annual haul of toys worth an average of £278. Potential of wholesale toys climbs up years by years.

Abilities’ Improving

Children’s toys get loved all over the world, regardless of age. Why? They are an influential expansion that helps to improve children’s physical, psychological, emotional and social abilities. Many parents are concerned about the growth of their children, so they will do everything possible to buy toys for their children. Today, many children’s toys can be used to develop children’s thinking, creativity and fantasy. The growing demand for children’s toys makes wholesale toys a business opportunity. If you are looking for a profitable direct selling niche, then you should consider selling wholesale children’s toys in your store.

Wholesale Toys

Demands Enlarging

Over the years, children’s toys have evolved countless times from simple toys to advanced gadgets. Although some parents cannot afford to buy complex toys for their children, they can choose cheap toys, such as educational tools like learning bead mazes, or outdoor toys like inflatable bounces and so on. Most parents want their children to grow up physically and mentally. So, the toy niche market has become an evergreen and a potential market.

7 Best Wholesale Toys Selection

There are 7 best wholesale toys selection being chose carefully and recommended for you. It will help you to choose products easier.

1. Cosmic Rocket Water Bubble Wholesale Toys                                

Kids love bubbles. So just giving them the best gift ever with different ranges of bubble toys.

Bubble Toy

This is a special space rocket design, with many different colors and series, such as palms, dinosaurs. More importantly, when you run out of soapy water, you can make it yourself and put it back into the bottle for recycling.

2. Unique Children Lollipops And Donuts Beauty Make Up Toy Set

This is a toy especially designed for girls.

Beauty Make Up Toy Set

Little girls are interested in makeup, but adult products are not good for children’s skin. So this kind of toy is suitable for children, chemically safe, lead-free and no danger. Because certificates are clear, such as EN71, 8P, CD, ASTM, CPSIA (HR4040) and so on. This project has two series: one is a lollipop, and the other is a doughnut. Each series has three different designs. Series or designed OEM is valid.

3. 11.5” Wholesale 11 Joint Lovely Barbie Set

Lovely Barbie Set

This Mermaid Barbie is like no other doll because its tail has a rainbow color. Its colorful rainbow costume makes it all the more attractive for little girls. Mermaid Barbie suits will appeal to many children, especially girls. It can create a dream scene for children. There are many different designs for this product, including dress colors for dolls, hair colors. Customized demands are accepted, like the color for the clothes and hair, as well as other parts, like the design of the clothes or anything else.

4. Custom Wholesale Sand Beach Toy Set

Sand Beach Toy Set

The set includes a rake, a shovel, a bucket, a mold and a kettle. They are made of plastic materials of different colors and is liked by children. When children are playing on the beach, they can use buckets full of water or sand to have a really good time. All kinds of molds make the sand more beautiful so that children can play together. Enjoy the summer!

5. Wholesale Four-Drive Inertial Alloy Engineering Vehicle Toys

Engineering Vehicle Toys

The engineering vehicle toy mainly contains two colors, dark yellow and black. There are many kinds of engineering vehicles get supplied, like Crane, carrier, mixer, excavator, mixer, and so on. OEM services are available. Children will learn more if playing such cars, each car with different function in our daily life.

6. Wholesale Play House Toy Box Set

Play House Toy Box Set

This series includes pet, bathroom, tools, kitchen, shopping, hospital, and dessert box set. Children could choose the design they want. For boys, they could choose pet, tools, hospital, and for girls, they could choose the bathroom, kitchen, shopping, dessert… Each design has small parts with details, which can make fun for children and develop their hands ability. What’s more, this series has a handle on the box, which will be easy for moving. If you go for a travel with children, it would be a good choice to bring this toy, your child could play with the toys on the airplane, train or car.

7. Wholesale Mixed Design Educational Plastic Block Toys

Educational Plastic Block Toys

There are many designs for the blocks, like Jurassic dinosaurs, engineering trucks, police speedboats, gliders, Japanese police cars, helicopters, patrol boats… And each model has 4 different designs. Every child would fall in love with this toy.

5 Best Wholesale Toys Marketplaces

The Wholesale Market is an online website or application that connects business-to-business buyers with reliable wholesalers and manufacturers. Similar to eBay, but dedicated to B2B transactions, wholesale markets are becoming increasingly popular with retailers who can purchase high-quality goods directly. Most wholesale markets allow you to place orders with suppliers and compare their products directly through websites or platforms. You can also contact the supplier directly to ask questions or negotiate trade transactions.

Wholesale Marketplaces

1. Wholesale Central (US)

Wholesale Central is a B2B directory in the United States that contains links to hundreds of wholesalers’ websites that also sell wholesale licensed American toys and other products. With their service, you can get high-quality toys at the lowest price. This unique catalog site uses different logistics methods to transport and safe transport goods to buyers in Europe, Asia, the United States, the Middle East and other regions.


● Returning the goods is allowed.

● Being able to deliver goods at different locations.

● Well-known wholesalers of children’s toys are available.

● But sometimes you may not find the one in charge.

2. EveryChina (China)

EveryChina is a recognized wholesaler of toys and games in China. It is a reputable company that connects global buyers and sellers who want to buy wholesale toys from China. They sell large quantities of licensed children’s toys. There, you can buy hundreds of different toys for your online toy store.


● Different payment methods, including PayPal, telegraphic transfer, etc.

● Efficient transportation and delivery services.

● Bulk purchase.

● Large MOQ

3. Alibaba (China)

Alibaba is the largest online wholesale directory and marketplace for finding leading China-based manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

In fact, with billions in revenue and more than 500 million global users, Alibaba is a giant in the ecommerce and wholesale market with millions of trusted suppliers in every major category. Furthermore, it is the most popular platform for sourcing customisable and private label products from OEM/ODM suppliers in China.


● Mega online wholesale directory and marketplace

● Find trusted China-based wholesalers in minutes

● More than 500 global users

● Suitable for retailers, eBay sellers and web stores

● Millions of products in virtually any top category

4. Liberty House Toys (UK)

Headquartered in Liverpool, Liberty House Toys is a leading designer and supplier of children’s furniture, unique toys and nursery products to retailers across the UK.

It has a free direct selling program that allows you to start selling any product in your e-commerce store or in a third-party market. All orders are free of freight, and you can use professional images to create an attractive product list.


● Leading designers and B2B suppliers of children’s toys and furniture.

● Free direct selling programs for all types of online retailers.

● Hundreds of products with unique images and descriptions.

● Fast delivery from a large warehouse of 60000 square feet to the UK

5. Brybelly (USA)

Founded in 2004, Brybelly is a top importer and wholesaler of a variety of products, including children’s toys and games. It specializes in direct sales and has thousands of customers in the United States, including e-commerce stores, eBay sellers and Amazon traders. There are more than 3000 products to choose from, including games, puzzles, toy cars, wooden trains and so on.


●Direct importers and wholesalers of American children’s toys.

●Including a wide range of games, puzzles and toy cars.

●Discounted wholesale price of direct sales orders.

●The dealer has no franchise fee or minimum order value.

Wholesale Sales Will Begin Today

The rise of e-commerce enables wholesalers that directly face consumers to launch faster and achieve profit growth. As a result, many people believe that wholesale goods are a declining retail trend. However, by rethinking the way wholesale works, a new wave of wholesale startups is actually booming in the era of e-commerce.

Wholesale Toys

With the right pricing strategy and a little know-how, you can start opening up your business to new revenue-generating partners and see your products thrive in complementary brands.

If you want to learn more about how to run the wholesale toys business, please leave your comment.

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