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4 Fundamental Knowledges about Wholesale Toys from China

Today we will talk about the topic of wholesale toys from China.When you mention the term “wholesale”, you will think of a company that purchases goods from a factory and then sells them to you. The manufacturer shall quote in “ex factory price”. This is the price they sell to wholesalers, trading companies or buyers. Wholesale and trading companies sell their products to you by increasing the profit of this price. This is the “wholesale price”, and it is obviously much more expensive than purchasing directly from manufacturers.

The large-scale purchase in Asia is very simple and must be understood. If you don’t clearly distinguish manufacturers, wholesalers and trading companies, and get benefits and disadvantages from their purchases, you will make mistakes when wholesale toys from china.

wholesale toys from china

Wholesale quantities and minimum order quantities

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) refers to the purchase of a certain minimum quantity of products from the manufacturer. Wholesalers and trading companies also set minimum orders, which may be less than you expected.

The minimum order quantity depends on different product categories. When wholesale toys from china,purchasing more expensive goods, the minimum order quantity is also less, and vice versa. Generally, the minimum order quantity of electronic equipment is 500 to 1000 copies. Generally, the minimum order quantity of each color is between 100 and 300. The lower the profit, the more orders.

Manufacturers are often reluctant to negotiate the lowest order quantity, especially those products with lower profits. It is no use asking for cuts. However, you can negotiate the price with you, and the manufacturer will be happy to provide a lower price for your business. It is unfair for manufacturers to ask for price reduction and reduce the minimum order quantity, and you will not get their reply.

If you want to buy small quantities of goods, and can better control the quantity of your orders, you can choose a strategy when wholesale toys from china. You can send your bid to the supplier. This is very effective, if you want to order different kinds of products, or order within the professional scope of different manufacturers. Suppliers will decide whether they can accept your lowest quotation according to the total quantity of orders.

You can also negotiate the minimum order quantity according to the specific requirements on the order list. For example, if you want to buy a service desk, you can ask for the lowest color and size, so that you can provide more goods for your customers. The supplier is willing to negotiate with your order quantity.

wholesale toys from china

How to select Asian wholesale goods on Amazon

If you do not plan to sell the goods, you should try to find the appropriate manufacturer, trading company or wholesaler, and negotiate with the lowest order quantity and price. The secret Amazon users will never forget is to do product research. The market report shows the demand for goods, and Amazon’s data shows the demand and potential sales.

How can this product become powerful? Can custom products and white labels increase its market potential? Which category of products has outstanding performance in a certain category? Careful analysis can help you find the right path to wholesale toys from china.

Product R&D and competitor research are carried out simultaneously. After all, in this survey, you will see the website of the seller. These materials will let you know the price of the goods, make it better, and make your market more attractive. Read the evaluation, check the evaluation, and find out the improvement in product development. Your product can make up for these shortcomings and include some missing features, so as to be more competitive in the Amazon market.

wholesale toys from china
wholesale toys from china

Trading Company vs wholesales vs factory

Chinese wholesalers usually give such advice: “Avoid trading companies and contact factories directly.” This makes sense when you think about the following questions:
-The trader has business dealings with multiple manufacturers, so you won’t know where your products are.
-Trading companies do not conduct product quality inspection
-The merchant is responsible for the defective goods

There is no doubt that this is a big problem when purchasing Chinese goods. If your company does not cooperate or respond, how will you treat the quality problem? How do you know that you can only get your products from a manufacturer that can impress you with samples? Working with trading companies can cause a lot of trouble.

In these ambiguous situations, they can talk in English, purchase goods from different categories, and flexibly purchase a small amount of goods.

What about wholesalers? Are they better choices? Although wholesale and trading companies are basically middlemen, they are different in some places. Wholesale enterprises have no ownership of goods when purchasing and importing goods. The trading company raised the ex factory price by more than 5 percent. Wholesalers have raised their purchase price by 20% to 50%, which makes their price higher than that of traders.

In the West, the term “wholesaler” is more common. In China, two major suppliers are factories and trading companies. When wholesale toys from china, Asian retailers, such as Alibaba, claim to be manufacturers or trading companies. If it is not clearly indicated, you should consult them and do it yourself.

Traders and wholesalers are purposeful, and fundamentally speaking, they are not bad people. They just have no added value and put more energy on resale. Several of these companies will provide you with pre shipment inspection and considerate service to customers. However, their primary purpose is to establish contact with manufacturers, provide customers with a variety of goods and increase their profits.

Neither wholesale nor trading companies can provide adequate quality assurance, nor can they fully meet the requirements of customers. In terms of control and customization, it is better to cooperate directly with manufacturers. If you don’t want to customize a product and want to get more markets from a new category, you can use the services of a trading company or a wholesaler.

wholesale toys from china

Wholesale toys from china by Trade show

China holds many expositions every year to enable global buyers to enter one of the largest markets in the world. Anyone interested in wholesale purchasing in Asia should consider attending a trade show where they can meet with representatives of manufacturers, review products and have face-to-face discussions. Factory audit, QC inspection appointment and business meeting can be carried out during travel.

Some tips:
-Register online in advance to avoid paying more registration fees during on-site registration
-Browse the exhibition site map on the exhibition website to help you plan your days and manage your time
-Collect business cards, literature, brochures and anything else that can help you better evaluate suppliers
-Prepare a list of questions to ask the supplier
-Follow up later and conduct additional due diligence

The biggest China trade shows for sourcing products and finding suppliers are

– Canton Fair

– East China Fair

– Yiwu Fair

– Hong Kong Electronics Fair

– China Electronics Fair

– Asia Outdoor Trade Show

– China Hi-Tech Fair

wholesale toys from china

Generally speaking, this is ultimately to ensure that differentiated and defensible offers are made. Therefore, finding a reliable wholesale supplier made in China is a key step to successfully develop e-commerce business.
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