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Made In China Toys – Read 5 Tips Before Importing Wholesale Toys From China

China is the world’s largest toy producer, as well as the world’s largest toy exporter. It is showed that 70% of wholesale toys from China. In China, the toy industry has always been a famous industry. And China’s toy exports reached 31.69 billion U.S. dollars as of November 2022. Clearly, the toy industry has a bright market future.

Wholesale Toys From China

Basic Information of Importing Wholesale Toys from China

By 2022, there are already more than 6 million toy manufacturing in China. In these toy factories, different kinds of toys are distributed. For example, plush toys, electric toys, wooden toys, plastic toys and so on. Almost every factory can introduce 10 new toys on a regular basis, because they have complete supporting production facilities. Such as solid design suppliers, material suppliers, production equipment suppliers, packaging suppliers and so on. They are not separate departments, and sometimes a factory can integrate these backup departments. Every year, China’s toy factories are updated regularly to meet the needs of different countries and different buyers.

I think the question on the mind of almost wholesale toy buyer is, what is the quality of wholesale toys imported from China? Here, I objectively say that not every toy factory produces affordable, exquisite quality toys. Toy factories of different levels produce different toy products. Because each country and region has a different definition of quality, such as toys exported to European countries and refractory products exported to Middle Eastern countries, the materials and designs used are different.

Buyers from different countries and regions have different requirements for the quality of toys. It is necessary to recommend toys of different quality according to the countries and regions where the guests are located. That is an important key while considering import wholesale toys from China.

Tips before Importing Wholesale Toys from China

2 Tips for You

A lot of novice toy wholesalers tend to be most concerned about, what is the best-selling wholesale toy? What about their price? Here, I would like to say that for a buyer just engaged in wholesale toy import, the first thing to determine is which toy products to choose. This includes your toy category, consumer positioning, product features, and so on.

After determining the first step, the second step is to start the market research. For example, you should know that different sales channels target different consumer groups and consumption channels. Some buyers tend to sell their toys on Amazon, others through social media.

In a word, product positioning and market research are very important when importing wholesale toys from China. Because there are many, many types of toys, but you have to choose the toy category that is best for you. And you have to know your competitors’ products very well. It is said that knowing yourself and knowing your competitors can help you win. That is an important key while considering import wholesale toys from China.

Several Toy Catalogue

Plush Toy

Whether in online stores or offline retail toy stores, plush toys have always been a bestseller. In China alone, there are more than 20,000 factories producing and engaging in plush toys. Famous toy factories are mainly clustered in three places in China: Guangzhou, Yiwu and Yangzhou. Among them, Yiwu’s toy wholesale market is especially famous. That’s because Yiwu has the largest toy production base in China, where you can find all kinds of plush products.

Plastic Toy

There are so many wholesale plastic toys in China, and they cover so many different categories. For example, doll toys, electric toys, tabletop toys, outdoor toys and so on all belong to the category of plastic toys. Different toy factories offer plastic toys of different styles and designs, most of which vary in shape.

Wooden Toys

Of all the toy categories, wooden toys should be the most suitable for infants to play with. Because wooden toys are the most natural raw materials, the most environmentally friendly. In China, there are far fewer wooden toy factories than plush and plastic toy factories. Wooden toy factories are mainly located in Yunhe, Zhejiang Province, China. Because natural and high-quality wood raw materials are produced there, wooden toy factories can directly process, produce and manufacture wooden toys in Yunhe.

How to Find the China toys manufacturer

Toy Show

When you want to import wholesale toys from China, and you are looking urgently for a wholesale toy supplier in China, you can have a lot to gain at toy fairs.

Under normal circumstances, the exhibition will be held twice a year. Participating vendors display the latest and most popular toys at the toy show. You can see the latest toy samples directly at the toy fair and get all the information, including price, minimum purchase quantity, and so on. Not only can you see thousands of exhibits directly at the exhibition, but also, you can directly communicate with toy suppliers face to face. Whether it’s the design of the toy, the way it’s packaged, the price, or the minimum order size.

Among them, the Canton Fair is famous in China’s toy fair. It is held twice a year, focusing on the spring and fall. In those two time points, the exhibition was attended by toy manufacturers from all over China. The scale of these toy vendors is large and small, but it is worth affirming that you can find your favorite toy products at the Canton Fair.

Online B2B Marketplace in China

So far, China’s online B2B platform is very well-known and strong. Some of the best known are Alibaba, Global Source, Made-in-China, Dhgate, etc.

Alibaba and Dhgate are currently our most recommended online B2B platforms, based on our customer usage in recent years. Alibaba Voucher is one of the largest B2B e-commerce platforms in China and even the world. On Alibaba’s platform, there are a large number of toy suppliers and rich toy products. And the platform is so easy to use that you can find any toy product you want on it. Anyway, Alibaba is a good website for referance while considering import wholesale toys from China.

Dhgate is a small toy wholesale site in contrast to Alibaba’s platform. On Alibaba’s platform, there is a minimum purchase. But in Dhgate, there is no MOQ requirement. This is very friendly to first-time buyers of toy products.

Find A Toys Sourcing Company

Now it’s our turn to introduce our company for you while importign wholesale toys from China. After receiving help information from foreign customers, we will find toy suppliers through various channels to obtain relevant toy information. These can be existing factory resources, exhibitions, toy wholesale markets, and so on.

After determining the toy supplier, we can place an order with the supplier factory. Follow up the whole process of product from production to delivery within the time specified by the customer, and carry out inspection until the product is shipped smoothly. For foreign guests, this way is the simplest and most effective.

Conduct a Google Search

In the way of importing wholesale toys from China, I believe you’re already familiar with Google search software. Some of the best toy vendors will increase their Google profiles and rankings by placing ads on Google.

You can search for toy suppliers in the following ways:




Famous Wholesale Toys Markets in China

China has many toy wholesale markets, both large and small. Among them, you need to pay special attention to the following two toy wholesale markets: Yiwu Toy Wholesale market and Shantou Toy Exhibition Hall.

Yiwu Wholesale Toy Market

In Yiwu, there are more than 4,000 toy supplier stores, each with hundreds of samples. In Yiwu, the speed of toy upgrading is very fast. New toys appear almost every week, and the prices are usually very friendly. So in Yiwu, you can find the most affordable toys at the lowest price. It is worth mentioning that many toy suppliers do not have a minimum order quantity requirement. You can even buy samples piece by piece.

Shantou Toy Exhibition

Shantou toy exhibition is actually Shantou toy wholesale market. It is worth mentioning that Shantou city can be said to be the heart of China’s toy industry, and 80 percent of China’s plastic toys come from Shantou.
Compared with Yiwu toy wholesale market, Shantou toys pay more attention to product quality and packaging. But this also means that Shantou toy prices overall will be more expensive than Yiwu toy market.

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Toys Supplier and Their Product

Consider the Quality

Although pictures can show the quality of some toys, most of the photos can’t show the true quality of the products. Because a lot of the photos are embellished. If you want to see the real thing, then go to the product details screen and ask the seller to send you a sample if possible.

Focus on the Cost

The price will affect the quality of the product, not the cheapest or the most expensive product is the best for you. If you have the same product in front of you for $8, $5, $2, then I suggest you choose the $5 product. That is an important key while considering import wholesale toys from China.

Pay Attention to Customer Service

Customer service is very important. A good customer service representative can help you choose products as much as possible and provide you with more references. It is very important to choose a professional supplier as much as possible.

In the End

That’s all for Made In China Toys – Read Before Importing Wholesale Toys From China. If you still have any questions, welcome to visit our website at And leave us a message, we will answer all kinds of questions for you.

Have a nice day~

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