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Wholesale Toys – Why Do Importers Prefer to Source It Directly from China?

Before I start this article, I want to ask you a question: If you want to import wholesale toys directly, which country would you consider first? Obviously, the answer is China! Many importers may wonder why they choose China as the direct source of wholesale toys. Before explaining the reason, let me first talk about what is direct sourcing.

Wholesale Toys – The Definition of Direct Sourcing

With the rapid development of the Internet and the changing business dynamics of the global economy, direct procurement has emerged. This business method refers to purchasing wholesale toys directly from factories at lower prices. This helps eliminate the many different margins and ingredients that all trading companies are sourcing any type of wholesale toys or often require while lowering FOB prices.

The Benefits of Direct Sourcing

Direct procurement not only helps toy importers reduce costs, but also helps to increase their core competitiveness while further adding value to wholesale toys. If the time goes back 20 years, for wholesale toy importers at that time, there is no such import method as direct purchase. Instead, all wholesale toy importers turn to a monopoly toy trading company that acts as an intermediary between importers and product manufacturers.

Today, however, China has become one of the main sources of wholesale toys. So now source directly from China and you will no longer be dependent on any middlemen. For importers, China is undoubtedly one of the largest countries for wholesale toys. Because China is the largest manufacturer in the world and is supported by various industries and infrastructure.

The Reason of Direct Sourcing From China

For importers, the best way to import is to buy wholesale toys directly from Chinese factories, as this eliminates all middlemen and their influence. Besides, there are other benefits, let’s explore the different reasons why we prefer to source directly from China.

Good Quality and Cheap Price

In China, wholesale toy importers can buy high-quality toys at relatively low prices. You might be wondering why these wholesale toy suppliers have such reasonable prices. If you take a quick look at the large toy wholesale industry and low labor costs, you’ll see that these factors help keep the price of the item down. Imagine that you are also buying in bulk. Your order price will be lower.

Good Infrastructure

I am sure you will agree with us that China needs excellent infrastructure while providing high quality cheap products. With its advanced infrastructure, China makes wholesale toy production and the entire business process easier.

In this regard, you can assess how great China’s infrastructure is by looking at the number of fast-growing highways, railways, and any other transportation infrastructure (such as high-speed rail, maritime development) over the past 20 years. So how does this extensive infrastructure support wholesale toys to reach your country quickly? The answer is that your cargo gets to its destination faster and safer.

High Production Capacity

As mentioned above, China is the world’s largest wholesale toy manufacturer, with top-notch infrastructure and a well-developed export policy. Therefore, their production capacity is also very strong.

These wholesale toy industries create projects for the world economy, so they have a reason to exist. When you order directly from these wholesale toy suppliers, I can be sure that you will receive a great deal of quality merchandise.


In the process of making wholesale toys, domestic manufacturing in some countries can be expensive if we take into account factors such as labor costs, equipment prices, training costs, etc. Then your appeal to them to buy wholesale toys will fail.

On the contrary, for Chinese suppliers, this is not the case, because the prices of wholesale toys in China are very reasonable. The above factors hardly affect the manufacturing process of the toy. So you can place your order directly with them.

Latest Popular Products

The best wholesale toy manufacturing companies in the world are located in China, where all different types of toy products are produced. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that China has the latest wholesale toys.

China leads the latest tangle of wholesale toys, so any minor upgrades or trends are most likely to originate there. For example, Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market, Yunhe Wooden Toys Market and Shantou Toys Wholesale Market. If you order directly from these suppliers, you can sample these popular products before they become available in other countries or retail establishments.

Cheap Labor

China has always been known for its cheap labor. That’s because China has a large population and manufacturing has a long history of development in China. Based on the basic fact that most wholesale toy manufacturers have advanced infrastructure, the wages of workers are greatly reduced.

At the same time, the production process of most wholesale toys is not difficult. When you source directly from China and place orders directly with these suppliers, you will be amazed how easy the process is.

Fast Response Time

If you have direct contact with Chinese suppliers, you will achieve faster response time and answers. This kind of response time is usually out of reach of trade organizations, but can be obtained from these Chinese suppliers.

Product Cost

Generally speaking, buying wholesale toys from China will give you the chance to get the product at the most competitive price. Remember, since you are purchasing directly from the supplier, the middleman earning the difference is now eliminated.

Steps for Direct Purchase from China

Find Suppliers Online

Most wholesale importers of toys will look for the desired product online. There are millions of sellers and customers from China on numerous websites. Such as Alibaba, AliExpress and other websites.

Recognize Import Rights

Whether you are a wholesaler or an individual importer, you must determine whether you have the right to import toy merchandise before purchasing.

Choose the Right Toys

Before the official start, you should understand how much your wholesale toys should sell to break even. Your first priority should be to choose the right wholesale toys. Everything you do depends on what you sell. Your trades, your payout profits, and the method you take will all be affected by them. Arriving at Slack are logistical and legal constraints. Through sales results, marketing companies make money.

Estimate Your Cost

Reaching the flat fee early is critical. No one likes to give up customers or money. If the final cost is higher than you expected, you can try to find strategies to reduce the cost details. If your funds are in order, you can go ahead and start the process.

Comfirm Your Chinese Supplier and Order

Delivery terms must be specified when placing an order directly with a Chinese toy supplier. Once you’ve selected your provider, ask about the P/I of your future investments, including reports, coordination strategy numbers, and values/projects.

Set Your Shipment

Shipping cargo comes at a cost, including container, packaging​​​, terminal handling charges, and dealer fees. Each of these factors needs to be included in the budget to get a complete picture of shipping costs.

Delivery Time in China

It takes time to ship items internationally. Generally, it takes 1 month for ocean shipping.

Get Your Shipment

You will send an email to the supplier informing them that now you have just received your wholesale toys, but have not checked them after you have obtained the items and delivered them with the correct price, packaging and brand.


All the toy companies in the world are looking for ways to reduce costs in order to obtain higher profits. At the same time, they are looking for ways to improve the quality of their toys. This is the key reason why many toy companies around the world choose to wholesale their toys directly from China.

In The End

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