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Wholesale Toys: Why Manufacture and How to Get a Supplier

The toy industry is one of the largest business sectors in the world. It is not difficult to do this: although toys are not the primary necessities, they have played an important role in people’s lives, especially infants.
Of course, the competition in this industry is also great. Because there are many toy manufacturers and retailers, there will be competition every day. Specialized toy stores must try to maintain the same market with large retailers, such as department stores.
However, you can also use the following resources and strategies to become a successful toy salesperson or make your business prosperous. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of wholesaling toys and producing your own products.

1、Great Value of wholesale toys

Wholesale toys are a great choice for retailers

Wholesale toys are an excellent choice for retailers and different enterprises.
There are many manufacturers, traders and consumers in the toy industry. There is a wide range of products in the toy market, from matching and learning suits to dolls, board games, movable dolls and promotional products.
In order to obtain goods, retailers must decide which wholesale distributor meets their expectations.
Things to consider include what your customers are looking for and the purpose of wholesale toys. For example, whether you want to sell products or use them as a retail marketing strategy, the evaluation will be different.
Don’t forget that in addition to toys, there are many distributors wholesale. It is not uncommon to find manufacturing companies that produce and sell many other items, such as promotional products, equipment, or plastic containers.
Then, toy wholesalers may offer you two choices: no matter what they have in stock, ready to resell finished products and general toys or make your own orders. Usually, when you are looking for something that really defines your brand, the last option is better.

Wholesale Toys
Wholesale Toys

2、Make your own wholesale toys

Supply chains vary by region. There are many ways for products to reach distributors. Not all wholesalers work in the same way or are subject to specific market conditions.
Understanding the distribution channels is very important for making the best decision for your enterprise. You must know many aspects when choosing the products to sell.

Toy wholesalers are bridges connecting manufacturers and distributors, retailers and small sellers.
If some of these enterprises produce their own products, their sales may benefit. Here are some of the benefits

Wholesale Toys

1.A good choice

Large toy companies sell large quantities of high-quality toys. Although some people are eager to obtain these products, there is a large market that cannot afford them. By producing and purchasing wholesale toys, you can attract these consumers.
When you make products, you can offer them at a lower price, which in turn will attract many potential customers. This is a win-win situation.

2.Understand the supply chain

When you search for toy manufacturers, one of the best advantages is that you get to know your supply chain. Not only do you learn about the manufacturing industry, but also about other distributors and sellers.
By having all this information, you’ll get a unique outlook of the market and you’ll be able to make better decisions, be in a better position when negotiating and bargaining as well as choosing correctly the manufacturer that suits you the most.
In addition, you can not only learn about toy manufacturers or wholesalers, but also many manufacturers and distributors of household products, packaging and plastic containers wholesale, which may be useful in the future.

3.Provide quality at a lower price
There are a lot of toys that children have always loved, such as dolls, movable dolls, cars and plastic figurines, such as dinosaurs. The manufacturer is aware of this, so ordering such toys will not be a problem.
Because plastic product design has a wide range of possibilities, your enterprise will have no problem in requiring these toys to have the color, shape and texture you want.

4.Mass purchase saves money
Every time you receive an order for a manufactured product, you need to ensure that you will have their customers.
Buying wholesale toys in bulk turns into a high discount rate, and the price difference is very important for your own sales.
In order to make full use of your wholesale toys in bulk, please consider what use you will provide for them. Managing this is the key to success. For example, if you do not have safe customers, you can use these toys as promotional products at any time.

5.Better income
When you order products to be manufactured and purchase wholesale toys in this way, the main effect will be displayed in your sales. When you order your own products, you are likely to bring them better income.
For example, you do not have to pay licensing fees when developing your own wholesale toys. Anyway, you can even create your own brand!

6.Brand loyalty
If your products meet quality standards, are reasonably priced, and are attractive, then you are almost certain that they will reach a successful position. In this way, you will form a customer base, and people will recognize and like your toys.

In this way, customers will trust your business and its products, which is not achieved overnight, but when you finally reach this point, it is worth it.
Making your toys has many advantages, which can make your business flourish!

Please remember, expensive does not necessarily mean good quality. For many people, it is hard to think of this when shopping. But by manufacturing wholesale toys, you can control many details and provide high-quality products at a lower price.

Providing high-quality customized products at a preferential price is a step to build a trusted customer who will be happy to buy your toys. Do you have any questions about these advantages and manufacturing processes? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Wholesale Toys
Wholesale Toys

3、Where to buy wholesale toys

Finding toy suppliers can be a very difficult task. Although the United States is the location of a very successful toy brand and company, China is considered to be the country that manufactures the most toys in the world, 80% of which are made there.

Toy suppliers have different ways to distribute their products to retailers and stores

Toy suppliers have different ways to distribute their products to retailers and stores around the world.
However, if the market exceeds two countries, you may be surprised by other regions. For example, Mexico’s manufacturing industry has proved to be a good choice, especially for American companies.
Here, we offer you some tips to meet with your new toy supplier:

1.Visit the trade fair
Attending such events is a very useful way to grow your business. The network gives you attention when meeting manufacturers, distributors and other retailers.
There are many kinds of fairs. K Fair is the most important plastic exhibition in the world. If you want something more specific, you can limit your search to toy fairs, such as the largest toy fair in Germany, and tours of well-known toy manufacturers from all over the world.

2.Online Catalog
The list of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors can be found online by entering a pair of words on the search engine. You can find very useful information there, but also deceptive data.
With this shortcoming in mind, you may find that online directories are confused in finding, contacting, and handling all listed companies.

3.B2B platform
B2B refers to business to business transactions between two companies, not between companies and individuals. There are many B2B e-commerce platforms that can help you find the content you need.
Platforms like Chinabrands or Alibaba have established a reliable way to buy wholesale toys online. Consider that these suppliers may have a larger Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Wholesale Toys
Wholesale Toys

If you want to develop your own business or participate in other types of processes, these advantages will come in handy.
As you can see, there are different ways to find toy suppliers. Of course, when you have some choices you like, you need to evaluate which one is more suitable for your project or the toy you think of.
We have explained the benefits of making toys, the positive impact we hope to bring to your business and how you will better understand the industry.

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