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The Biggest China Wholesale Toys Source-What is Inside Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market?

Yiwu toys market is the biggest wholesale toys market in China, even in Asia. They have over 2000 wholesale toy suppliers that supply all different kids’ toys at wholesale prices. If you want to start a toys business, the Yiwu wholesale toys market is a good place for you to launch your business because here you can get the BEST wholesale toys price and low order quantity for your items.

Where is Yiwu wholesale toys market?

Yiwu wholesale toys market is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. Without exaggeration, almost all importers know Yiwu International Trade City, also known as Futian Market, a super large commodities wholesale market. Every year, thousands of businessmen who need cheaper but not that bad quality goods are attracted to visit and purchase. There are multiple categories inside the market. Among them, Yiwu Toys wholesale toys market is playing a significant role and the wholesale toys category district is always bustling.

The International Trade City is divided into 5 districts and the wholesale toys booths are displayed on 1st Floor, District 1. You could search “义乌国际商贸城1区” in Google Map. See below map and the gate picture of District 1.

Yiwu wholesale toys market is local in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province China. It is close to Hangzhou City & Shanghai City.

It cost 2 hour drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport (HGH)

It cost 4 hour drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA)

What Toys Can You Find In The Market?

Yiwu market is a big various wholesale toys place including jewelry market, wholesale toys market, craft market, home-décor item market, household item market, etc. There is around 170,000 supplier in this market, almost all kinds of merchandise you can easily find the supplier from this big market.

Today we talk about the Yiwu wholesale toys market, it is located on the 1st floor, Building 1, Yiwu market. Yiwu wholesale toys market has ALL KIND OF toys market.

When walking into District 1, you could find many streets exhibiting numerous toys booths. On the top front of streets, there are 4 signs respectively says, Regular Toys, Electric Toys, Inflating Toys, Fabric Plush Toys. The classification is not specific but can give a rough idea of where to find toys you need. Check below sheet for more details.

  • Fabric plush toys – 400 suppliers Regular toys — 1000 suppliers
  • Electronic toys—200 suppliers
  • Inflating toys – 200 suppliers
  • Fabric plush toys – 400 suppliers


Building brick Toys, Manga Toys, STEM Toys, Capsule Toys, Confectionery Toys, squishy Toys…

Car toys, RC toys, Kitchen toys, Dinosaur toys,Educational toys, Manga toys, Baby toys, Candy toys, Capsule toys, Farm toys, Science toys, Stem toys, Toys Box, TPR toys

About wholesale toys suppliers types & background

Before talking this topic, I would suggest you read my previous blog to know more about Chinese wholesale toys factories. In Yiwu wholesale toys market, you can meet diverse suppliers from all around China. Honestly, it’s difficult for you to distinguish whether they are manufacturers or trading companies. All the booth suppliers would tell you that they have factories. But frankly, for a large part, they are trading companies who are cooperating with factories.

Mainly, here are 3 types of suppliers in the market,

Manufacturer or Factory. Because of the expensive yearly rent, normally, only medium-to-large sized factories can afford to take a booth in the market. Then how about small factories? Commonly, they get orders from big manufacturers or various trading companies instead of directly contacting foreign customers. In a manufacturer booth, there are not wide range of products. With the limit of their production lines, they usually focus on several style wholesale toys and like custom made orders.

Brand Manufacturers. As long as you stumble on a beautiful booth with ordered wholesale toys, in the high probability, it is a brand manufacturer. Definitely, a brand should have strong development capability to support the products update. Generally, they have very close cooperative relationship with factories. Some of them have their own factories, but due to the extensive product range, they have to keep a partnership with other factories. As a result of high development costs, their prices is comparatively higher. However, almost all of their toys are in stock so low MOQ offered, and the fast update toys and professional services are continuously attracting lots of dealers to buy.

Trading Companies. Compared to manufacturers, the trading companies are bearing much less costs since they don’t have workers and no need to pay high labor fees. Also, there is no development costs burden on their shoulders. Owing to the low set up costs, there are sized small-to-large trading companies in the market. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you find the prices provided by a trading company even lower than a wholesale toys manufacturer. In addition, its powerful resource integration ability helps overseas toys buyers greatly save time and costs, that is why trading companies can survive in the market.

From my point of view, whatever type of supplier you are contacting with, besides prices, you should pay more attention on their services and working ability. Keeping hanging on the supplier type makes no sense, especially for a new comer. Give out more patience, I believe you could find right wholesale toys suppliers and enjoy the tour.

The end

Thanks for coming with me here. Hope you could get some useful information in this article. If you are a novice importer, kindly learn how to wholesale toys from China in this post. Also, get more knowledge here about Chinese wholesale toys platforms. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any question. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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