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What is inside Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market? The Biggest China Toys source

Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market is the largest wholesale market in China and even Asia. It originated in the late 1980s, with tens of thousands of different shapes and colors of toys, its area of more than 20,000 square meters, with more than 2,000 business, in the toy has a high status, its toys across more than 200 countries and regions in the world. They have over 2,000 toy suppliers that supply a variety of children’s toys at wholesale prices. If you want to start a toy business, Yiwu Toy Market is a good place for you to start your business because here you can get the best wholesale price and low order quantity for your project.

So what is in Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market and how to quickly find the right toy supplier in the huge toy market? This article will take you to understand the whole of the voluntary Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market.

1. What toys can you find in Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market?

Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market is a collection of jewelry market, toy market, handicraft market, household goods market, household goods market as one of the large comprehensive wholesale market. There are about 170,000 suppliers in this market. You can easily find suppliers from this big market for almost everything. Right?

Today, we will talk about Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market. After years of development, Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market has formed a development pattern of production, processing and trade. At present, Yiwu toy wholesale market is mainly concentrated in the first Zone of Yiwu International Trade City, which is located on the first floor of Building 1, Yiwu Market. Yiwu toy Wholesale market has a total of more than 1000 toy supplier booths, which are divided into four areas according to business areas: B, C, D and E. Section B is for plush toys, Section C is for inflatable toys, Section D is for electric toys, and Section E is for ordinary toys.

  • (1-600) flowers, plush toys

There are mainly stuffed dolls, bear, children’s stuffed backpack

  • (601-1200) plush toys, inflatable toys, electric toys

Mainly stuffed dolls, holiday toys, children’s water guns, bubble water

  • (1201 -1800) Electric toys, ordinary toys

There are mainly children’s electric toy cars, plastic toys, performance costumes

  • (1801-2400) Ordinary toys

There are mainly children’s electric toy cars, plastic toys, performance costumes

  • (2401-3000) Electric toys

The main children’s electric toy car, remote control car, school tools

  • Ordinary toys ー 1000 suppliers
  • Electronic toys ー 200 suppliers
  • Inflatable toy ー 200 suppliers
  • Plush toys ー 400 suppliers
Yiwu Plush Toys Market

2 Where is Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market and how to get there?

Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market is located in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, China. It is very close to Hangzhou and Shanghai.

It cost 2 hour drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport (HGH)

It cost 4 hour drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA)

3. What is the wholesale price of Yiwu toy supplier?

The price here is very competitive, we have compared the price with Alibaba’s suppliers and the price here can be 20% lower. All suppliers are represented by genuine manufacturers. If you have a higher order volume, such as over 5000-10,000 units per item, you can get more surprise prices.

4. How to find new toy products from Yiwu Toy market?

Usually, if visiting the market overseas, they will browse a store, check the item, then go directly into the store with interest and ask the supplier for more details. However, if we do not have so much time to check one by one, we can search Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market suppliers on the official website of Yiwu market to get the location of suppliers and some product information for reference. Official website of Yiwu Market:

You can type the product name on the search bar. Then you will find all the supplier information who provides this product. By clicking on the supplier column, you can get the supplier’s contact information, a virtual reality view of the store, and the prices of their products, among other things.

The Ultimate Guide to Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market for your reference.

5. Why choose Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market?

  • China’s largest toy wholesale market
  • All kinds of toys
  • Small batch wholesale
  • The price is low but the quality is good

Advantage of scale. Yiwu small commodity market covers a total area of more than 1 million square meters, with 45,000 business Spaces and more than 100,000 business personnel. There are more than 10 professional markets and more than 30 professional streets in the city. In October 2002, the newly built modern Foton Market was set to open, doubling the size of the small goods market.

Commodity advantage. Yiwu China Commodity City operates a complete range of products, bringing together nearly 320,000 kinds of goods in 28 major categories. More than 90% of these commodities are exported to other parts of the world.

Network advantage. Yiwu has established more than 30 sub-markets in more than 20 provinces and cities. It has set up 5 sub-markets in South Africa, Ukraine and other countries. There are 120,000 business forces in Yiwu, among which 50,000 are distributed all over the country and more than 30,000 are engaged in business throughout the country. Fourth, management advantages. After more than 20 years of practice, the market has formed a set of standardized management system, creating a fair competition, law-abiding business, orderly business environment.

6. How to buy and transport toys from Yiwu Market?

When you visit the market, you can order directly from the suppliers. They will invoice you and send the goods to your warehouse in Yiwu. Normally, the delivery time is 5-25 days depending on the goods you order, so in Yiwu, you need to prepare a warehouse to collect the ordered goods. This is why often buyers need the help of a buyer’s agent.

The purchasing agent will guide you to the market to find the item you want, do the translation (Yiwu suppliers usually don’t speak English), and then place the order on behalf of the buyer, pay the advance payment to the supplier through the agent’s secure bank account, plus use the agent’s warehouse collection, they will arrange the quality control of the goods for you and finally arrange the shipment.

Union Vision Company is a professional toy purchasing agent, if you have any questions and needs for Yiwu toy purchasing, please contact us.

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