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5 Easy Steps for Toy Manufacturing Process Guide

The whole process involved in manufacturing wholesale toy is highly complicated. It is related with implementation of ideas, decisions of different options, communication with different people, coordination of different departments, multiple considerations, etc.

However, don’t be afraid of starting manufacturing wholesale toy. Here we have summerized and listed several steps of toy manufacturing process, which will offer the technical knowledge and help you quickly understand the whole process.

After reading this passage, you ‘ll find directions on the toy-manufacturing journey.

Coming up with an Idea

Firstly, you should make sure that your idea is unique and marketable.

In the toy markets, countless toys with various types are being sold. And there are many professionals with abundant resources trying to design new products every day.

So, competing with so many toy manufacturers, your idea must be unique enough to stand out. Or it should have the potential to sell well in the future. In this case, it is worth starting the toy manufacturing process for you.

In order to help develop this kind of idea, you could industry trade magazines and passages related to wholesale toy;

2.participating in the toy fair;

3.browse online toy stores or visit offline toy shops.

These methods will help you stimulate unique ideas.

Besides, you should still take the cost effectiveness, safety and legal protection into consideration.

toy manufacturing process
Toys in Online Store

Identifying Your Target Consumer

In the toy manufacturing process, it is very essential to figure out which gender and which age group the toy is most appropriate for.

This will be helpful when determining the marketing method and modes of packing. And the production cost will be reasonable.

For example, gun toys for boys usually be packed in window box or color box so the targeted boys will be attracted and feel excited once they see the details of this physical gun.

The marketing method of this toy can be start from its newly added functions.

Gun Toy Packed in Color Box

Create Your Design

Now with an unique idea and appropriate targeted consumer ready, you could start the third step of toy manufacturing process: create the design of your wholesale toy.

Here are 3 steps for you to make the design.

1. Brainstorming Session

A brainstorming session is a perfect opportunity for all your hard work to take form.  You could add the specification of product size, modes of package, product material, final appearance of your wholesale toy in the mind map.

The brainstorming session will help you develop a vision that will guide the rest of the process. If you are unsure about a decision in the toy manufacturing process, you should revisit the brainstorming session.

2. Toy Sketch

You can either draw the toy sketch on yourself or ask a professional designer for help. If you turn to a designer, you may spend some time on expressing your idea accurately.

Try different colors and shapes until you find the most satisfying one.

3. 3D Depiction

Software such as Zbrush can be used to create a 3D depiction. This realistic depiction is created to present what the toy will look like once it is manufactured. You can also hire a professional in 3D modelling.

Similarly, it may be time-consuming if the idea can’t be understood clearly.

3D Depiction of Rabbit Toy

Create a Prototype

It is crucial to create a prototype in the toy manufacturing process. A completed prototype helps to sell your idea to toy manufacturers. It’s also a good judge of the resources you’ll need to produce the toy in bulk.

In this step, many factors play an important role. Like mode of production and product material.

Consulting a mechanical engineer is necessary for this step. Advanced knowledge of physics goes into ensuring the correct number of molds needed to manufacture a toy successfully. Besides, the appropriate material could reduce the cost in the toy manufacturing process.

For example, mass production of plastic toys should be made in durable metal molds that made by toy factories. 

Kids Toy

Find a Factory

The final step of toy manufacturing process is finding a factory. In this step, you should carefully choose factories that are qualified, efficient, reliable, humane and safe. Besides, quality control and safety measures must meet international standards so that you can launch the toy in multiple regions to maximize profit. 

In addition, you could ask its customers to get the feedback to know how this factory is.

Factory of Union Vision

So, if you have a great product in mind and need some more guidance, you’ve come to the right place! Get started today with Union Vision, and convert your vision into reality.

Hope it is workable for you!

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