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Online Wholesale Service

Providing effective online services, including online selection, online order confirmation, online after-sales, etc.

Can't Wholesale Offline Because of COVID-19?

Online wholesale service is your best and convenient choice. Union Vision provides free online services including online video and live streaming, you can visit the toy factory and sample room online. Our online service is welcomed by 2000+ customers and has helped customers to reach a turnover of 200 million US dollars.

Why Online Wholesale Service?

Save Your time
Convenient & Efficent
Communicate Directly with Manufacturer
150,000+ Products Display

3 Steps to Online Wholesale Service


Preparation — Make an appointment with customers in advance to confirm video meeting time and projects.


If you don't have a specific goal, we will show you the hot and novel products in the factory; you can also tell us your specific needs to make sure you find the most suitable product.
Online Meeting through WeChat, Facetime, Whatsapp, etc.






After the customer confirms the order, we will carry out the product production, follow up the production, inspect the quality, handle the import and export documents, and arrange the delivery in time.


Confirm Quality

Online After-sales Service

Why not buy products online through wholesale sites like Alibaba?

1. These sites only display some products. Many new products are not released online for fear of being plagiarized.
2. Many suppliers have not yet opened online business.
3. There are too many uncertainties in the supply chain.
4. Emailing and chatting online with multiple suppliers takes a lot of time.
5. You cannot know the actual quality of the product, the supplier will not check the quality for you.

Global Importers Choose UnionVision

Get In Touch With Best
Toy Manufacturer in China

Minimum Order Amount: $2000

"Wooden Rotating Cylinder Block" received an inquiry from H***
"Wooden Cutting Food Toy" received an inquiry from O*******
"Kid-friendly ladder ball games" received an inquiry from W*****
"Private label Splash Play Mat" received an inquiry from M***
"Kids Tent Teepee Grey" received an inquiry from D*****
"Unicorn Pop Up Toy Tent" received an inquiry from Z******
"Playing House Toy Tent" received an inquiry from Y***
"Mini Desktop Spider Shooting Game" received an inquiry from Y***
"Pretend Supermarket Toy Set" received an inquiry from Z*******
"Pretend Play Cleaning Toys Broom Mop Set" received an inquiry from K****
"Detachable Housekeeping Cart Cleaning set" received an inquiry from X******
"Doughnut Food Set Toy" received an inquiry from S****


Our experts who specialized in wholesale toys will contact you as soon as possible.