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One Of The Best Chinese Toy Factories

Professtional Toy Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier with 20+ years experience

Who is Union Vision?

Your Reliable Chinese Toy Factory

Union Vision is a wholesale toy manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in product development, production, and exporting.
Union Vision have a production base of 8,000 square meters, a warehouse of 10,000 square meters, and 200+ employees. 

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How We Are Leading?

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Recent Cooperated Cases

We firmly believe in providing our customers with competitive prices and efficient service.

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Toy Safety Quality Control System

Toy Chemical Hazard Detection
We have professional quality audit teams to test the heavy metal content in the paint of toys, and strictly control the safety of toy paint to children.
Toy Physical Mechanical Test
Based on the toy's health and safety considerations, Union Vision's physical and mechanical testing of toys. Through sharp-end testing of toys, we guarantee that each toy complies with global safety regulations.
Toy Combustion Performance Test
Union Vision tested the surface burning flame spread performance of the toy with the surface flammability tester, making the safety performance of the toy meet the global toy safety standard.

Manufacturing Factoy Display

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Minimum Order Amount: $2000

"Wooden Rotating Cylinder Block" received an inquiry from Y*******
"Wooden Cutting Food Toy" received an inquiry from N****
"Kid-friendly ladder ball games" received an inquiry from O******
"Private label Splash Play Mat" received an inquiry from S*****
"Kids Tent Teepee Grey" received an inquiry from A***
"Unicorn Pop Up Toy Tent" received an inquiry from J******
"Playing House Toy Tent" received an inquiry from Y*****
"Mini Desktop Spider Shooting Game" received an inquiry from B*****
"Pretend Supermarket Toy Set" received an inquiry from S****
"Pretend Play Cleaning Toys Broom Mop Set" received an inquiry from K****
"Detachable Housekeeping Cart Cleaning set" received an inquiry from S****
"Doughnut Food Set Toy" received an inquiry from D******

We Offer Offline and Online Sample Rooms

As a professional toy manufacturer, we provide customers with offline sample rooms for display, and globale importers are welcomed to visit us.
In addition, for clients who cannot come to China, we provide VR online sample rooms. We have online media to fully display the sample rooms, like live broadcast, facetime, zoom, etc.

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