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OEM: What Does It Mean? How Does a Factory Provide OEM Services to You?

OEM, full name: Original Equipment Manufacturing, when your supplier tells you that they can provide you with OEM Services, it means that they can manufacture goods according to your design and other product requirements.

Generally speaking, the way of OEM can be diversified. Manufacturers can modify the size, material and pattern design of products according to the requirements of customers, which can be called OEM.


What should I pay attention to when seeking OEM services?

First of all, the modification of the product should not be blind, especially the modification of the product function, it should not destroy the main function of the product, it needs to comply with the relevant regulations of toys, meet the market demand, and reflect the brand characteristics.

Through the following points, I will tell you why OEM services can make your product more competitive in the market:

1. Highlight the brand style and improve the unity of the company’s internal products.

Through the OEM method, the color matching and packaging of the product are adjusted to make the product conform to the overall style of the brand, thereby enhancing consumers’ desire to buy.

2. Further improve product quality

Compared with direct purchase of finished products, designers can improve product defects and improve product quality by fully researching the market. Since the design can be continuously updated, after the first batch of products are launched, they can be continuously updated according to market feedback. Constantly adjust to further win the market.

3. Products are difficult to replace

The product is a complex process from design to manufacture. The complex series in production makes it difficult for other factories to imitate, and it takes a long time and a lot of energy to imitate in time. So that your products can not be easily replaced in a hot-selling state.

What is the difference between OEM and ODM?

ODM, the full name of Original Design Manufacturing. Which party provides the core design of the product can be regarded as the main difference between OEM and ODM. In OEM, the design of the product should be provided by the buyer, and the supplier (manufacturer) only needs to produce according to their requirements. In ODM, the core design of the product comes from the supplier, and the buyer only adjusts its packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of using a unified brand for sales. Since the core design is provided by the manufacturer, this gives the supplier a greater right to use this product, and the manufacturer has the right to sell the same product to other customers under the condition of changing the packaging, unless the buyer and the supplier have reached an agreement. Other agreements stipulate that the product design can only be used by one of its parties, but this often costs more. Therefore, from the perspective of product uniqueness, OEM>ODM

How to seek OEM services?

1.You need to choose an experienced manufacturer according to your product category.

In China, depending on the product category, there will be a gathering place for product production in a certain area. For example, we are familiar with plastic toy products are mainly produced in SHANTOU. Choosing a factory from a production cluster can help you narrow down your search for a specialized supplier. Professional suppliers will help you to further review the defects in the design, thus avoiding a lot of trouble.

2. Preparing the Design

Before designing, you need to understand the market situation of the corresponding product. For competing products, you must be good at identifying their shortcomings, which will be the key to the design. Understand the relevant knowledge of the product and avoid the design modification that destroys the integrity of the product. Once the product fails to pass the relevant inspection, it will directly lead to the product not being sold. Finally, it is necessary to clarify the final effect that you want to achieve through design modification. At this stage, you can exchange product experience with suppliers, which will help both parties fully understand the product, so as to realize the design perfectly.

3. Submit your product to the supplier, arrange for sampling and confirm the final product design.

After submitting the design, the manufacturer will prepare a sample based on your design to confirm the details. If the sample cannot use the same material or process at this time, the final product should be restored by other means as much as possible. In order to achieve the confirmed result, after the sample is confirmed, the supplier can follow the normal order operation process for further production.

After reading the above, I believe you have a full understanding of OEM Services, and finally also want to recommend us, Vision Chart, we are a professional toy supplier, rooted in the toy industry for more than a decade, with full experience in toy production and sales, if you have any need, welcome to contact us.

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