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China Toys Wholesale Market: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you struggling with how to enter and explore the China toys wholesale market? Are you worried about the safety and quality of imported toys from China? This guide will help you solve all problems.

Whether you want to know the laws and regulations of Chinese toys, safety issues, the location of well-known toy markets, etc., all the answers are here.

Hurry up and read this guide. It can help you avoid loss, unnecessary waste of time and various inconveniences.

Is it Safe to Import Toys from China?

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to import toys from China.

Although China has received attention for some poor quality toys, there are still many toy manufacturers that can provide safer wholesale toys. But despite this, you certainly can’t trust that all toys from China are safe. Those who have experience with toys know that lead is the main toxic ingredient in almost all toys. In China, the lead content of all products must not exceed 90%. The purpose of this is to protect children from the hazards of the chemical composition.

Therefore, this guideline recommends quality control of toys before importing wholesale toys from China. Both freight forwarder and quality inspector can help you with quality control.

Which are the Largest Toy Markets in China Toys Wholesale Market?

In China, there are countless toy wholesale markets. If you want to wholesale toys on a large scale here, I suggest you consider Top China Toys Wholesale Market.

Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market

Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market is a famous toy wholesale market in China. Here, there are not only large-scale toy manufacturers, but also a wide variety of boutique toys at very cheap prices.

If you want to visit this market, you can go directly to Wholesale Plaza, Building 1. Since this place is centrally located, it is the best place to find toys. Here, you will come across many toy suppliers and manufacturers. You’ll also see different types of toys, including electronic toys, plush toys, inflatables, and more.

Guangzhou Toy Wholesale Market

Guangzhou is no stranger to many buyers who have participated in the Canton Fair. In Guangdong, there are mainly 4 famous toy wholesale markets.

Guangzhou Zhonggang Premium Toys Wholesale Market: mainly sells toys and stationery.

Liwan Toys Wholesale Market: This wholesale market is very large, covering an area of about 2,000 square meters. There, more than 80 stalls gathered. You can buy plush toys, electronic toys, remote-controlled toys, voice-activated toys, and more here.

Guangzhou Wanling Plaza: This market covers the entire space from the first floor to the fourth floor, and mainly sells toys and stationery products.

Guangzhou Yide International Stationery and Toy Plaza: There are more than 1,200 toy stalls here, and many toy suppliers gather here.

Shantou Wholesale Toy Market

Shantou is a famous toy exhibition center, where there are more than 8,000 toy suppliers.

The plastic toys here are famous, and the quality is higher than that of any place in China. However, it also means you’ll be paying more. Here, the MOQ for wholesale toys is very high. You need to buy the product directly from the factory.

Zhengzhou Toy Wholesale Market

Zhengzhou Toy Wholesale Market is located just a few kilometers away from Zhengzhou Railway Station. Here, there are many wholesale toys at low prices. At the same time, the MOQ of toys is also very low. Besides that, the MOQ is also low, which explains why there are low-quality toys in this market.

Lingyi Yongxing Toys Market

As we all know, the largest toy wholesale market in North China is Lingyi. Here, more than 4,000 wholesalers gather here, and there are mainly 3 exhibition areas.

Zone A – children’s bicycles, electronic toys, inflatable toysZone B – plastic toys

Area C – plush toys

Baigou Plush Toys Market

If you have a limited budget for buying wholesale toys, then you should go to this wholesale toys market. Here, there are more than 380 suppliers.

Yangjiang Wuting Dragon International Toy City

This toy wholesale market mainly sells plush toys. As one of the largest plush toy markets in China, more than 2,500 stores gather here. Here, there is no MOQ limit, you can even buy just one product. But that means higher prices.

The above are several famous toy wholesale markets in China. Here, this guide will give you a few warm tips. That is, be wary of products with particularly skewed prices. Because you are very likely to buy a toy of poor quality.

How Big is China’s Toy Industry?

As we all know, China has absolute authority in toy manufacturing and export all over the world. His total production capacity accounts for more than 70 percent of the world. China’s toy manufacturing industry has a market size of US$41 billion. There are more than 10,000 toy manufacturers and wholesalers located in China.

What Quality Marks should Chinese Toys Have?

One of the main quality marks found in all Chinese toys is the CE mark, as one of the main quality marks for Chinese toys, it is a mark that confirms that the toy complies with EU standards. It marks health, safety and environmental standards.

At the same time, the CCC mark is another quality mark to ensure that the product meets the requirements. If this marking is missing on the product, then your shipment is likely to be detained at the border or returned the same way. At the same time, if you want to print the CCC logo, you need to obtain the certification first. Otherwise you will be fined.

Should You Buy Wholesale Toys China On Alibaba Or Toy Factory In China?

You can buy toys from Alibaba or buy products directly from toy factories. However, I recommend you to buy the product directly from the factory. The reasons are as follows:

More competitive prices: On Alibaba, there are not only manufacturers, but also toy suppliers. But buying products directly from suppliers means higher prices.

Strengthen contact: Buying products directly from the factory means that you can communicate directly face to face and check the price.

Reduce risk: Compared with purchasing products directly from the factory, buying products on Alibaba may be cheated. But make no mistake, Alibaba is trustworthy. But you should be vigilant, not all suppliers are trustworthy on Alibaba.

What Determines the Price of in China Toys Wholesale Market?

As a world-renowned toy producing country, the biggest reason of China Toys Wholesale Marke is that the price of Chinese toys is very competitive. In China, when you wholesale toys, you can sell them at 3 times the original price. So, you must be curious, what factors determine the price of toys in China?

Raw material cost: In China, most raw materials are obtained locally and purchased locally. This reduces shipping costs, which can affect the overall price of the product.

Availability of cheap labor: China’s large population means more cheap labor is available for toy manufacturing.

Dimensions: During the production process, there will be additional costs. Large-sized toys mean greater cost expenditures compared to small-sized toys.

What is the Most Popular Toy in China Toys Wholesale Market?

In China, you will find so many toys that you will be dazzled. You will find that what kind of product you want to purchase is a headache and confusion.

This guide lists some of the best-selling toy categories in China:

Plush toy

Baby toys

Remote control toys

Games and Puzzles

Sports and Outdoor Toys

Arts and crafts

Model car

Does China Have Regulations Governing Toy Manufacturing?

In China, there are strict regulations on the lead content of toys, which must not exceed 90 parts per million. The reason for this is that lead is very dangerous for children. To ensure children are not exposed to products with excessive lead levels, toy manufacturers and wholesalers must remain vigilant.

How do You Import Toys from China?

In China Toys Wholesale Market, importing toys is a profitable business.

First, you need to determine what type of toy product you want to import.

Second, identify the toy manufacturer. You can choose a trustworthy factory by visiting toy manufacturers on the spot. Finding the right toy manufacturer is the key to success. You need to confirm the design, quantity, price and other factors of the toy with the manufacturer.

Third, in order to save shipping costs, it is best to purchase toy products in bulk at one time. Then choose the appropriate shipping method, including sea, land, and air, etc. You can also choose a freight forwarder to help you complete the cargo transportation. They will provide you with many feasible suggestions and are responsible for the transportation of the goods.

How Much Tariff do I Need to Pay for Importing Toys?

If you want to import toys from China, then you need to pay an import duty of 17%.

Import duties are calculated based on the total cost of the toy, insurance costs, and shipping costs.

Why do You Need a Sourcing Agent when Buying from China Toys Wholesale Market?

Sourcing agents can find suitable product suppliers for you. At the same time, they will also negotiate with buyers to get the best price for you.
A purchasing agent is like a trusted business partner to you. In China, many people do not speak English, which hinders communication. Purchasing agents can act as translators for you and facilitate the fulfillment of orders for you.

What is the MOQ for the China Toys Wholesale Market?

The MOQ tends to vary according to the size of the goods. Generally speaking, the MOQ for small toys is smaller. You can even order quantities directly by one piece. But you have to keep in mind that the MOQ should be fair to both parties. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the factory to lower the MOQ.

In the End

Ok, here are all the content of China Toys Wholesale Market: The Ultimate FAQ Guide. If you still have any questions, please contact us

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