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Wholesale Magic Bean Box Supplier

Product Name: Magic Bean Box
Packing: Colorbox
Product Size: 0.36*0.33 inches
Material: ABS
Color: Green, blue, pink
MOQ: 3000sets


Handheld Puzzle Game,Wholesale Magic Bean Box Supplier

Playing Method:

You can play both sides of a magic bean box. Shuffle the colored balls randomly, and then move the cube in the middle of the box. You can change the position of the colored balls at will, and finally arrange the colored balls together. The challenge is successful.

Safe Material:

As a Professional Wholesale Magic Bean Box Supplier ,the magic bean box is made from high-quality ABS material, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and has no pungent smell. You could trust your baby to play. And the product design is very smooth, no burrs will scratch the baby’s delicate hands.

Magic Bean Box Supplier·Bright Color&Different Combinations:

The light green magic bean box is matched with small yellow and green balls. The blue magic bean box comes with blue, red, green and yellow balls. The pink magic bean box is paired with red, blue, green and yellow balls. These colors are bright and can quickly catch people’s attention.
The more color the box has, the more complex the play will be, and you can choose according to the situation.

The Benefits of Play:

Practice your baby’s hand-eye coordination by repeatedly disrupting the ball and then restoring it. Through fingertip touch, as well as continuous thinking, can exercise baby’s logical thinking ability, promote baby’s hearing and touch.
Some raised parts on the handle of the magic bean box are specially designed for babies with insufficient hand strength to help them better grasp. Can exercise the baby’s grasp ability very well.
Not only for babies, but also for adults. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, play magic bean boxes to help ease the pain. If you have a bad habit of spending too much time on your phone, try putting it down and playing magic Bean box instead.

Enjoy Your Time:

When alone, you could kill time by playing with a magic bean box. With friends or family, or at a party, play magic bean boxes to create a good atmosphere. Everyone could play at the same time, and whoever takes the least time wins.

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Q1: Is it environmentally friendly?
Yes it is. As a Professional Wholesale Magic Bean Box Supplier ,We use the ABS material.

Q2: What kind of custom service do you offer?
As a Professional Wholesale Magic Bean Box Supplier ,the product itself can be purchased in single style or mixed style. The color box can be produced according to the design you want, and the packing number can also be arranged according to the quantity you want.(OEM )

Q3: Is this game difficult?
No, don’t worry. And the fewer colors the ball has, the easier it is to play.


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