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How to Arrive at Yiwu Toy Wholesale Market?

I believe that when you understand the Yiwu toy market, you must have a strong interest in this market and want to find out. But you don’t know how to get to Yiwu Market, by train or by plane?

In fact, it is very convenient to go to Yiwu. There is a medium-sized airport. Many cities in China can fly directly to Yiwu, including Hong Kong. In addition, taking the high-speed rail is also a good choice. The 200+ hour high-speed rail is worth experiencing.

Below I will introduce how to get to Yiwu toy market from a certain city in China.

Hongkong to Yiwu toy wholesale market

By Air:

CZ6046  Departure 19:35 – 21:45 Arrive

By Air Then By Train(Hongkong To Yiwu):

There are many flights every day from Hong Kong to Shanghai or Hangzhou, about two hours and 30 minutes. You can choose to fly from Hong Kong to Shanghai or Hangzhou first, then transfer to Yiwu by high-speed train. From Shanghai to Yiwu about an hour and 30 minutes, from Hangzhou to Yiwu about 30 minutes.

Guangzhou to Yiwu toy wholesale market

By Air:

CZ3727 Departure 07:25 – 09:35 Arrive

CZ3883 Departure 10:35 – 12:35 Arrive

CZ3795 Departure 13:40 – 15:40 Arrive

CZ3309 Departure 16:25 – 18:25 Arrive

CZ3304 Departure 18:10 – 20:10 Arrive

CZ3886 Departure 22:40 – 00:45 Arrive (Next morning)

By Train:

K528 Departure 07:45 – 00:59 Arrive (Next morning)

K512 Departure 08:54 – 04:40 Arrive (Next morning)

G1304 Departure 13:24 – 20:15 Arrive

T170 Departure 14:55 – 05:11 Arrive (Next morning)

G1306 Departure 15:38 – 21:42 Arrive

G1404 Departure 15:56 – 22:51 Arrive

K210 Departure 20:45 – 12:02 Arrive (Next morning)

Shenzhen to Yiwu toy wholesale market

By Air:

DZ6221 Departure 06:30 – 08:20 Arrive

CZ3876 Departure 10:55 – 13:00 Arrive

By Train:

T212 Departure 13:08 – 04:17 Arrive

T102 Departure 16:00 – 08:00 Arrive

Beijing to Yiwu toy wholesale market

By Air:

CA1879 Departure 06:50 – 09:10 Arrive

CZ3726 Departure 22:15 – 00:40 Arrive(Next morning)

By Train:

G33 Departure 09:40 – 16:15 Arrive

G163 Departure 10:45 – 17:55 Arrive

G45 Departure 15:25 – 22:15 Arrive

K101 Departure 23:20 – 22:35 Arrive(Next morning)

Shanghai to Yiwu toy wholesale market

The Most Comfortable–By Private Car

Dragon Toy can provide pick up service for you. when you arrive in Shanghai, we will arrange a comfortable car special for you. It only takes 800 RMB(around 120 USD), once you arrive in Shanghai, we will pick you up directly to Yiwu market/hotel. Our many customers like to choose this way, if you need please call to Zero +86 18218015293.

By Train:

K1511 Departure 04:56 – 08:31 Arrive

K8371 Departure 05:41 – 10:43 Arrive

G7331 Departure 06:13 – 07:46 Arrive

G7333 Departure 06:30 – 08:05 Arrive

G1651 Departure 06:56 – 08:42 Arrive

G2365 Departure 07:12 – 08:52 Arrive

G1341 Departure 07:32 – 09:07 Arrive

G1323 Departure 08:25 – 10:05 Arrive

G7349 Departure 09:10 – 10:42 Arrive

G1349 Departure 10:48 – 12:31 Arrive

K1209 Departure 10:59 – 14:44 Arrive

T77 Departure 11:27 – 14:51 Arrive

T211 Departure 11:41 – 14:51 Arrive

G1387 Departure 12:20 – 13:55 Arrive

G1389 Departure 13:10 – 14:36 Arrive

G1329 Departure 13:42 – 15:17 Arrive

G7347 Departure 14:30 – 15:59 Arrive

K111 Departure 15:05 – 18:42 Arrive

T81 Departure 16:06 – 19:16 Arrive

T381 Departure 16:55 – 19:59 Arrive

K469 Departure 17:20 – 21:14 Arrive

T25 Departure 17:49 – 21:04 Arrive

G1395 Departure 18:28 – 20:06 Arrive

G1227 Departure 19:04 – 20:49 Arrive

G7383 Departure 20:44 – 22:32 Arrive

K8401 Departure 23:30 – 04:31 Arrive(Next morning)

From Yiwu Station/Airport To Yiwu Market/Hotel

When you arrive at Yiwu, you can take 30-50 RMB by taxi from to Yiwu market/hotel according to the time and location, it’s just for your reference. By the way, Our company can offer free pick up for our customers. If any need welcomes to contact Mr.Zero +86 18218015293.

If you want to know more about the transportation to Yiwu , please contact us, we are always at your service.

Contact info:

Web: Best Chinese Toy Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory – Union Vision (

What are the advantages of Yiwu market?

1. Customize the most suitable route

I believe that when you know the Yiwu toy market, you must have a great interest in this market and want to visit it. But you know nothing about how to get to the Yiwu market, by train or by plane?

Don’t worry about it, if you have a plan to visit, you can contact us we will make a suitable plan for you. Moreover, you can check the blog about the way to arrive at Yiwu as below.

2. Booking the hotel with lower price

We have a great relationship with many hotels in Yiwu so we can help our customers to get a lower price. If you want to know more about the hotel around Yiwu Toy Market Hotel, or you can’t book a hotel by yourself, you can contact us.

In addition, you can check the blog about hotels around in Yiwu.

3. Toys market guide for you

There are more than 2,000 stores in Yiwu Toy Market including all kinds of toys here. It is difficult for you to find the toy you want in this huge market. We can be your guide to help you quickly find the toys and purchase them. More importantly, there are many suppliers of similar toys on the market, we can take you to find the lowest-priced store.

During the work in the market, we will record every product including the namepriceQTYCBM and other details, then take photos. After the work in the market, we will sort out the list for you, so that you can better purchase the toys you want.

4. Order follow-up and QC

After the market work, you don’t have to worry about whether the products you order can be delivered on time and the quality meets your requirements.

We will help you with all the work. Your agent will promptly purchase from the supplier based on the order you confirmed. For each product, we will carry out strict product testing and send the inspection report to you.

Moreover, maybe you want to get more information about Yiwu Toy Market, please click this site:(

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