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The Ultimate Guide to Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market

Are you familiar with the term Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market? For a novice merchant, you may have trouble wondering how and where to find a suitable wholesale toys supplier in China. China has many large B2B wholesale toys websites. For example,, and other website are a great choice for toys merchants. But these kind of online wholesale websites are lack of advantage of communicating face to face. So it is a great way for novice merchant to find toys wholesale market in yiwu city. If you search some information online of yiwu toys wholesale market, you can find lots of valuable information. Yiwu toys wholesale market has a wide selection and a convenient procurement process.

This article will help you to know more about Yiwu Toys wholesale market. Let us begin it!

Where is Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market

Yiwu toys wholesale market, also known as Futian market, is a big wholesale toys market which located in Yiwu city, Zhejiang Province. From many Chinese, even foreign merchants’ perspective, yiwu toys wholesale market is familiar to them because there are many cheap toys with relatively good quality. And the International Trade City is one of the biggest place in yiwu toys wholesale market. You can see that there are 5 districts in the International Trade City. And the toy booth are displayed on the first floor. It is a good new that you can find yiwu international trade city in Google map.

Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market – District 1

What Toys Can You Find In The Market

Walking in the district 1, you can find many wholesale toys booths on both sides of the street. And in front of the district, there has 4 billboards, respectively saying Regular Toys, Inflating Toys, Electric Toys and Fabric Plush Toys.  Although the indicator is not very clear, you can roughly find how to go to the corresponding place. This article lists sheet for you to make a clear sense.

Coverage Categories In Each Area

The following sheet is only a reference for you. In fact, you can easily find the toys you want in the four coverage categories. What I want to tell you is that don’t restrict yourself into the classification. Instead, enjoy your yiwu toys wholesale market trip if you are a first visitor.

4 Categories

About Type & Background of The Suppliers In Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market

Before starting this topic, I would like to tell you some basic information about yiwu toys suppliers. In yiwu toys wholesale market, you will see many different toys suppliers from all around China. To be honest, it is hard for a novice merchant to distinguish a trading company or a manufacturer. And you will be told that all of the toys booths have their own factories. However, it is unfrankly that most of them are trading companies who have a close relationship with factories.

There are 3 main types of suppliers in yiwu toys wholesale market.

Factory or Manufacturer. Normally, you can only see large size factories or manufacturers taking booth in the market because of the expensive rent in a year. As for small size factories, they often get orders from other trading companies or big manufacturers. And they mainly focus on several kind of toys and custom made orders.

Trading Companies. Compared to manufacturers, the trading companies pay less cost than the following factories and manufacturers because they do not have workers so they don’t need to pay labour fee. What’s more, they do not have development cost. So if you find that the price which is provided by trading company is cheaper than factory or manufacturer, do not be afraid. And if you cooperate with a trading company, you can save lots of money and energy because of its powerful resource integration capability.

Brand Manufacturers. If you find a beautiful booth with lots of brand toys, it is obviously a brand manufacturer. Strong development ability is important for brand manufacturers to support the renovation of products. In general, they have close relationship with some professional factories. Some of these brand manufacturers have their own factories. However, they have to keep a close relationship with other factories due to the wide range of toys. Therefore, these brand toys have a higher price because of the high development costs. However, almost every toys of brand manufacturers are in stock. So please do not be astonished why they have a low minimum purchases.

About Toys Product Quality, Prices & MOQ

Product Quality&price. If you want to place an order to yiwu toys wholesalers, you should convey your request clearly. For instance, please notice that you should confirm the quality of products manufactured must be consistent with the sample. And if you have a target price, please do not show it to the supplier at first. What you should do is to understand their hierarchical quality level and then to bargain with them.

MOQ. In most instances, the MOQ is 1 CTN per style for toys in stock. Otherwise, the MOQ is determined by its value.

How To Source Toys And Deal With Suppliers

There are lot of supplier booths in the yiwu market. If you plan to visit some of them, you can remember their booth No. from the listing sheet in advance. Otherwise, you may be overwhelmed. And you can also remember the communication details while communicating. Like suppliers’ booths No, company name, price and MOQ.

As for the dealing with suppliers, almost each suppliers in yiwu market can say easy and basic English. So do not be worried about some basic communication of products like material, price and other information.

Yiwu toys wholesale market opens from 8 am to 5.30 pm. In general, you can contact with suppliers in everyday, except a 20 days holiday for Chinese Spring Festival from 9th, Feb to 20th, Feb.

How To Ship Toys To Your Countries

In general ,there are 3 main transportation ways, sea, air and rail freight. Whatever which transportation way you choose, you all need to have a experienced shipping agent. He or she can help you deal with most thing and save your cost.

You can contact with shipping agents in Changchun District, which is behind yiwu toys wholesale market. And what you need is an agent specialized in your country because he or she is more professional and can provide a relatively good transportation price.

Here are the mainly ultimate guide to yiwu toys wholesale market for you . If you want to find more wholesale toys, you can visit our website. Hopes all things well, good luck~

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